Domenico Romanelli

Club: Trent Park Running Club
Season bests Edit
Runner number: 48742

Road Races X/C Edit Multi-sport Edit T & F Edit

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Cross Country, Trail and Fell Races Road Edit Multi-sport Edit T & F Edit

Date arrow Series arrow Time arrow Pace arrow
19/12/2021 Sunday League 5M 39:19 7:54
12/12/2021 Sunday League 5M 39:30 7:57
01/12/2019 Sunday League 5M 42:38 8:34
16/01/2022 Sunday League 6M 52:11 8:24
12/01/2020 Sunday League 6M 52:53 8:31

Multi-sport and Other Races Road Edit X/C Edit T & F Edit

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Track and Field Meetings Road Edit X/C Edit Multi-sport Edit

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