Endurance Running


Serpentine organises participation in many different races and leagues throughout the year: road races, weekend relays, cross country races, trail races and lots more. For many of the major races, leagues and championships, Serpentine often pays the entry fees and organises teams. The vast majority of races, however, are entered individually by Serpies with no involvement from the club. When entering races, always specify your club name — SERPENTINE — and race in club colours.

The Green Belt Relay Box Hill start

To plan your future races look at the Serpentine Race Planner, which tries to list all the running, triathlon, duathlon, cycling, cross country, track & field events that could be of interest to Serpies in the coming months. Use MyEvents to see who else is racing and tell others you are going.

Many Serpies travel far and wide for racing, particularly for marathons and Ironman triathlons. If you're going to a foreign race and they ask for a medical certificate, there's a template in our Health & Fitness section.


The club has a large range of training options throughout the week: coached on- and off-track sessions and uncoached sessions at several venues, and various social club runs. See our weekly diary for an overview.