Off-Road Running

Sarah Pemberton on Box HillMany club members enjoy getting off the tarmac and doing some or all of their running off road. There are a variety of different types of off-road running, often with some overlap.

Cross Country

Cross country running is a competitive discipline, with races taking place over the winter season (Oct - Feb). Events are relatively short (typically around 6-10km) and take place in parks, playing fields and woodland with the running entirely off-road and often off paths. Read about cross country with Serpentine.

Trail running

Trail running makes use of the bridleways and public footpaths in the countryside. Trail runners often run simply for the joy of running in the countryside, although there are organised events and races for those who prefer. There are often short sections of road or tarmac to link the paths, so the spiked shoes used for cross country are not suitable. The club organises regular social trail runs – see further details about trail running.

Fell running

This is running and racing on the fells (flat topped hills/mountains). Serpentine is affiliated to England Athletics for fell running, so Serpies can enter any race organised by the Fell Running Association (FRA), who also rate events. The main fell-running season is over the summer. Serpentine usually organise a weekend to the Isle of Wight for the Southern FRA championships – see further details about fell running.

Mountain running

What it says on the tin - running in mountainous terrain. Obviously we don't have much of that within easy reach of the Seymour Centre, but that doesn't stop club members taking part. Historically, there has often been a group of Serpies going to the Davos for the Swiss Alpine Mountain Marathon, but this may vary from year to year – see further details about mountain running.

Ultra running

Ultra running (running more than marathon distances) isn't always off-road but trail, fell and mountain running events quite often offer an ultra option.