Run Courses

Do you want to start running or would you like to train for a 10K race?   We organise courses aimed at beginners, novice runners and those wanting to run a 10K.   These courses are open to both members and non-members.  We ask that non-members sign-up as a member within the first 3 weeks of the course.   The courses are free and details of our club membership fees are here

Beginners Course:



  • For new or returner runners gain confidence in their running, whatever their ultimate aims, in a fun and social way.
  • At the end of the 10 weeks runners should be able to run continuously for 30 minutes and possibly to a distance of 5k.  We will select a local parkrun for our last Saturday to celebrate our progress.
  • Following the conclusion of the course, runners will be able to join in the regular Wednesday and Saturday club runs with knowledge of the club "two parks" route and an alternative, shorter, route around Hyde Park.

Start date: TBC

Duration:  10 weeks

When and Where: 

To get the best from the course, runners should be able to commit to running twice a week (three times would be even better!). There will be two sessions offered a week - Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Anyone who can't attend a session should aim to make it up themselves.

09:45 Saturday morning, meeting at the Hyde Park Bandstand.

18:50 Wed evening from Seymour Centre (or join at 19:00 in Hyde Park near Speakers Corner)


10K Course:

10k course graduates with run leaders and other Serpies in Kew Gardens 10k, April 2023


Goal:  Run continuously for 10k OR improve your 10k time.  We will suggest a 10k race as a goal but this is entirely optional.


You can either 

a) run continuously for 5k or approximately 30 minutes (it doesn't matter how fast you run 5k), 

or b) can run continuously for 10k and have a personal goal to improve your race time/pace.  

If your target is less than 48minutes, this is probably not the group for you.


 You may choose to run on Wed and Sat (to build your distance) or Mon, Wed and Sat (with a race goal).

  • Monday:  track session at Paddington Rec (if you want to race or improve your 10k time)
  • Mid-week run homework (can be done with the Wed night club runs)
  • Saturday:  longer run to build distance, generally in Hyde Park

Start date:  21 October 2023

Duration:   10 weeks 

When and Where:

09:45 Saturday morning, meeting at the Hyde Park Bandstand

19:00 Monday evening at Paddington Recreation Ground

Homework session which we recommend is done as part of the club runs on Wednesday's evenings.



If you do require more information contact Catharine Sowerby.