• Long Runs: 6.40pm
    Meet by the rear fire exits. A number of long runs calibrated for various pace and mileage requirements take place on Wednesday evenings. The details vary from week to week but usually include: A Tower Bridge group (12 miles) and a Millenium Bridge group (9 miles); several groups running to Hampstead (in summer) or one of the numerous routes along the Thames or towards Battersea (all year round). Please check the noticeboard outside the clubroom for meeting details. Long runs take generally about 1:30 but in some cases up to two hours, which allows time to stretch afterwards before the club room closes. 
  • Three Parks: 6.50pm
    Meet by the rear fire exits. Runners will be organised into rough pace groups at Speakers' Corner, given a quick safety briefing, and set off promptly at 7:00pm. Those who have not run on a Wednesday before should meet that evening's 3 park leader on the ground floor, by the rear exit to the Leisure Centre by 6.50pm, and they will escort you down to Speakers' Corner. 
  • Two Parks: 7.00pm
    Meet by the rear fire exits. After dropping your belongings in the club room, those runners doing the 2 parks route (4.3 miles) should go directly up 1 floor from the club room and meet by the rear exit to the Leisure Centre. At 7.00pm, after a briefing (usually by Sid), everyone will head off to Speakers' Corner. No runners should congregate in the lobby before 7.00pm, nor should they gather in other areas of the Seymour, particularly not the front entrance.

Wednesday Runs

There are two main groups: one doing a run of 4.3 miles (two parks) and one doing 7.2 miles (three parks). Additionally, there is often a group running 6 miles ("two-and-a-half-parks") and several other groups doing runs of 12 miles or more. The longer run routes vary week by week.

Our London Routes section describes most of the routes in detail. Please note that, in the interests of safety, we ask runners not to wear headphones when taking part in club runs.


Non-members trying us for the first time are welcome to run with us on a Wednesday evening or a (quieter) Saturday morning. We ask non-members to pay £1 cash when they come along, to use the facilities, and after trying us out once, runners must join the club before coming again.


If you are new to the club, we recommend that you start off with a two or three parks run and meet us at the Seymour Centre, rather than at Speakers' Corner. This will enable us to match you up with other people running the same distance and same pace as you.

Arrive at the Seymour Centre in good time to get changed and take your kit to the club room. Please do not use the lockers in the main changing rooms. These are for all the other users of the Leisure Centre. We have our own club room where belongings can be left (at your own risk). You do not need to tell us in advance that you are coming, but we will try and look out for you specially if you do. If you do want to get in touch before you come along, please contact us at clubruns@serpentine.org.uk.

After dropping your belongings in the club room, all newcomers should go directly up one floor from the club room and meet by the ground floor, rear exit from where you will then head off to Speakers' Corner.

  • Meet at 6.50pm for the Three Parks
  • Meet at 7.00pm for the Two Parks

The runners organising the Wednesday runs and other club events (indeed everything to do with the Serpentine Running Club) are volunteers with work and family commitments outside the club, so if you've enjoyed the experience please let them know, and if things aren't going smoothly please comment or ask how you can help.

Leaving the Seymour ...and backagain
Leaving the Seymour... ... and back they all come.

Pace groups

For each of the parks routes, there are several groups who will go round at different paces. At Speaker's Corner we will match you up with a group running your distance at your pace and we aim to start the runners in groups according to their speed (faster runners first). We advise runners to stay together in pace groups for safety and security – and it's just a lot more fun. If your own pace is slower than the group you are with, there is usually a slower group just behind you. All you need do is wait or cut your pace and allow the next group to catch up.

In the interest of safely, please do not wear headphones when taking part in club runs. 

In the winter months (late October to early April) the runs happen in darkness and since they all cross some roads, we advise everyone to wear bright and reflective colours. For your own safety, please do not run on your own in the dark.

Note that the club room will close at 9.00pm sharp so please make sure you are back in time to collect your bags.

Seymour Centre and Speakers Corner

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After the run

Many Serpies go to one of the local pubs after the runs to re-hydrate and get a bite to eat. On the last Wednesday of every month we hold a "cheese and wine" party in the club room at the Seymour Centre so that new runners can socialise with others – a good chance to meet other Serpies in a quieter environment!