Saturday Morning Runs

Every Saturday, except the first Saturday of the month when it is the club handicap, we meet just before 9.30am at the Seymour Leisure Centre, or just after 9.30am at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park (see map below).

The club room is open every Saturday morning (aside from handicap days) from 9.00am until 9.30am for runners to leave their bags, after which it is locked until after the run.

See our Seymour guide for full details of what to expect at the leisure centre and the location of our clubroom.

We begin at 9.30am with a short social jog for a mile. Then at about 9.45am we meet back at Speakers' Corner for a stretch session and any announcements. From 10.00am we do a club run.

There are groups doing the two parks (4.3 miles round Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens) and three parks (7.2 miles including Green Park and St James's Park). These routes are described in detail in our London routes section.

There are also a few people running longer (11 miles or more) around Hampstead Heath and beyond - these are advertised on the egroups during the previous week to give details of the planned routes and pace expectations. Meet for the long runs at 9:00 am in the club room, ready for a 9:15 prompt start.

In the interests of safety, please do not wear headphones when taking part in club runs.

We also organise beginners’ jogging courses for complete beginners, in conjunction with JogEngland. For further details, including the start date of the next course, see our beginners’ course details and our beginners' quide .

On the first Saturday of each month we have the club handicap instead.

If you have any questions about these sessions then you can contact us via


Seymour Centre

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