Club Championship 1mile: 20 July 2006


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Scoring women

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Christine Lutsch 5:37.00 SL Serpentine 74.0%
1mile Penny Thorn 5:46.00 SL Serpentine 72.0%
1mile Karen Hancock 5:47.00 FV50 Serpentine 84.2%
1mile Claire Warner 5:52.00 SL Serpentine 70.8%
1mile Valerie Metcalf 6:02.00 FV40 Serpentine 74.5%
1mile Christel Beukes 6:04.00 FV35 Serpentine 71.6%
1mile Carol McLaughlin 6:08.00 SL Serpentine 68.1%
1mile Rachel Whittaker 6:17.00 SL Serpentine 66.1%
1mile Jeni Vlahovic 6:24.00 SL Serpentine 65.3%
1mile Samantha Robinson 6:30.00 SL Serpentine 64.0%
1mile Sarah Newton 6:33.00 FV45 Serpentine 73.0%
1mile Jennifer Marzullo 6:40.00 SL Serpentine 62.2%
1mile Jeannette Mueller 6:45.00 FV35 Serpentine 64.4%
1mile Bev Bates 6:53.00 FV40 Serpentine 64.2%
1mile Sally Hodge 7:30.00 FV45 Serpentine 61.5%
1mile Carole Wisdom 7:34.00 FV45 Serpentine 62.6%
1mile Marianne Morris 7:44.00 FV55 Serpentine 66.2%
1mile Sue Walker 8:16.00 FV55 Serpentine 63.2%
1mile Garnet Walters 8:25.00 FV35 Serpentine 52.1%

Scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Andrew Reeves 4:37.00 V35 Serpentine 83.0%
1mile Ian Druce 4:41.00 SM Serpentine 79.9%
1mile Eric Vamben 4:42.00 SM Serpentine 79.6%
1mile Kevin Darcy 4:50.00 SM Serpentine 77.5%
1mile David McGregor 4:57.00 V50 Serpentine 85.9%
1mile Andrew Davies 4:57.00 SM Serpentine 75.6%
1mile Nikolai Pitchforth 5:00.00 SM Serpentine 74.9%
1mile Charles Lescott 5:02.00 SM Serpentine 74.3%
1mile Miguel Branco 5:07.00 SM Serpentine 73.3%
1mile Frank Markey 5:14.00 V35 Serpentine 73.2%
1mile Andrew Maynard 5:14.00 V45 Serpentine 78.1%
1mile James Edgar 5:22.00 SM Serpentine 70.0%
1mile John Hudspith 5:26.00 V45 Serpentine 75.8%
1mile Jason MacKenzie 5:26.00 SM Serpentine 68.8%
1mile Robert Howells 5:28.00 SM Serpentine 68.5%
1mile Hunor Albert-Lorincz 5:28.00 SM Serpentine 68.5%
1mile Anthony Stranger-Jones 5:30.00 V60 Serpentine 85.2%
1mile Chris Notton 5:38.00 SM Serpentine 66.4%
1mile Heathcliffe Jones 5:39.00 V35 Serpentine 68.3%
1mile Christopher Abele 5:42.00 V40 Serpentine 71.2%
1mile Jun Wong 5:42.00 SM Serpentine 65.7%
1mile Ben Bye 5:45.00 SM Serpentine 65.0%
1mile Abdifatah Dhuhulow 5:46.00 SM Serpentine 65.0%
1mile David Smart 5:48.00 V55 Serpentine 77.8%
1mile Ian Hodge 5:49.00 V45 Serpentine 70.3%
1mile Wayne Maurer 5:49.00 SM Serpentine 64.3%
1mile Cliff Hide 5:51.00 V50 Serpentine 75.1%
1mile Lars Menken 6:01.00 SM Serpentine 62.2%
1mile Adrian Lloyd 6:01.00 V55 Serpentine 75.7%
1mile Steve Edwards 6:07.00 V45 Serpentine 68.9%
1mile John Behets 6:12.00 V40 Serpentine 65.0%
1mile Ian Hall 6:15.00 V50 Serpentine 69.7%
1mile Richard Smith 6:17.00 V50 Serpentine 69.3%
1mile Gordon Robertson 6:24.00 V45 Serpentine 63.9%
1mile Dominic Walker 6:35.00 V35 Serpentine 57.8%
1mile Manuel Moreno 6:58.00 V60 Serpentine 67.2%
1mile Jon Knox 7:18.00 V40 Serpentine 54.8%
1mile Bob Davidson 7:40.00 V70 Serpentine 71.0%

Non scoring men

Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
1mile Jaran Finn 5:18.00 SM Serpentine 70.8%
1mile Alex Pearson 6:11.00 SM Serpentine 60.5%
1mile Josef Rupp 6:18.00 MU15 Unattached 64.6%
1mile Waris Albakri 6:59.00 MU11 Unattached 65.7%

Meeting conditions

Warm and humid


Although not a record field, there were still enough athletes for two women's and three men's race.
In the first of these, John Behets won from those "old stagers" Ian Hall and Richard Smith. The women's B race followed and saw a convincing win for Rachel Whittaker. Sarah Newton was hot on the heals of Sam Robinson throughout the race but Sam just had enough speed to hold on to second.
In the men's B race, saw Adbifatah Dhuhulow took an early lead and it wasn't until the final lap that the action really started. In the end there the was a close finish with only one second separating Chris Notton and Heathcliffe Jones, followed closely by a pack of seven runners.
The women's A race also saw an exciting contest. Christine Lutsch took an early lead, which she was not to relinquish. Karen Hancock held off Penny Thorn until the final bend. Penny kicked with 200m to go but the move was not decisive and the two of them were together down the final straight with Penny getting the nod from the judges.
The men's A race was more clear cut, with Andy Reeves continuing his impressive run of performances in this year's Grand Prix series. Both Andy and Ian Druce in second, significantly improved on their 2005 times.

Meeting helpers

John Walker, Ian Hodge, Angie Palin, Beate Vogt, Ron Hagell, Bev Thomas, David Lipscomb, Malcolm French.

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