Monday Track Sessions at Paddington

Paddington TrackTrack coach Laura Fountain with run leader Laura Stewart organise this foundation track session for Serpentine seniors on Monday evenings at Paddington Track.

These sessions are aimed at those who are new to structured interval training and want to improve their speed and endurance. They’re designed for foundation level runners who can comfortably run for 30 minutes (e.g. 2 parks) and would expect to take more than 48 minutes to run a 10k. As well as interval training on the track, sessions will also include running drills and some strength exercises designed to improve your running.

By coming to these sessions you will be able to:

  • get comfortable training on an athletics track
  • improve your pacing
  • develop different running speeds
  • improve your running form, strength and mobility.

Location: Paddington Track. Lockers and free changing rooms are available by reception. A track fee of £1.05 per person is charged payable at either the entrance to the actual track or at reception. Lockers and free changing rooms are available by reception.

Start: 7.00pm. The session will be finished by 8.15pm.

Contact: Laura Fountain

Full details of the programme are below and are also sent to the Run Training mailing list each week. Newcomers to structured training may want to check they have their email preferences to ensure they receive these emails.


These sessions are designed help you get round your first 10k comfortably or improve your 10k PB.

You’re encouraged to supplement these sessions with the Wednesday night 2½ or 3 Parks run and the club handicap.

Date Main Session Recovery/Notes
8 May 3 x 5min @5k pace  
15 May Pyramid session 4min +6 +8 +6 +4 @5k pace  
22 May Oregon circuits  
29 May No session - bank holiday  
5 Jun Timed mile 4 x 400m  
12 Jun 4 x 5min 4 x 400m  
19 Jun 3 min hard (5k pace) + 3 min easy (HM pace) x3 + strides  
26 Jun Reverse pyramid session 6min +4 +2 +4 +6 @5k pace