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Tuesday Track Sessions at Paddington

Paddington Track


All members are to be reminded that if they or a household member are unwell they are not to attend club activities and to follow Public Health and government guidance. If they have been involved in any club activities within 14 days before or after becoming unwell or receiving a positive test they must inform the club Covid Coordinator Liz Ayres  Booking a place on the session confirms you are fit and not required to self isolate as per Government and Public Health guidance.

Running coaches Andrew Reeves, Sarah Pemberton, Laura Carmichael and Gavin Edmonds organise the Serpentine track session for seniors on Tuesday evenings at Paddington Track.

Currently we require you to Sign Up in advance for each session.

The coached session starts at 7pm and typically consists of a brief explanation of the session followed by a group warmup involving dynamic exercises and drills designed to improve your running and to get you ready for the session itself. The groups are divided by ability / experience with the more advanced runners tending to cover a greater distance or having shorter recoveries whilst the others tend to do slightly less or have greater recoveries. Current abilities of participants range from about 33 minutes for a 10K through to around 50 minutes for the same distance.

The workouts usually finish by around 8:15/30pm. There is no fee for use of the track during these sessions. Lockers are located by reception and require a returnable £1 coin to operate. Use of the showers and changing rooms costs £2.80 payable at reception. Please arrive in plenty of time to avoid the queues.

More details on the session itself, its suitability, and more personalised advice can be gained by emailing the Paddington Coaches. If you're new to the session, please seek out one of the coaches before the session starts.

If you are new to track training please consider using the beginner/improver type session on Monday night at Paddington.

Full details of the programme are below and are also sent to the mailing list each week.


Here are some classic 3k, 5k and 10k sessions for you to do during the Lockdown and up to the New Year . Reps will continue to be longer over the winter to build endurance. Remember to still do a warm up and cool down.  Oregon Circuits also available every Wednesday at 6:30pm via Zoom - just watch out for the session details on Facebook. 

Date Session - On Track Rough Equivalent on Road (approx. values given for a 19 mins 5k runner [23mins runner in square brackets])
19/1/20 4-6 x 1200m @ 5k pace with 200m slow jog recovery + 4 x 60m rolling strides. 4-6 x 4:30mins [5:30] @ 5k pace. 75s [90s] jog between reps + 4 x 60m strides. 
26/1/20 10mins at 10k; 400m jog recovery; 4-6 x 600m @5k, 200m jog recoveries; 400m jog recovery; 10 mins at 10k.  10mins at 10k; 2:30mins [3mins] jog recovery; 4-6 x 2:15mins [2:45mins] @5k, 75s [90s] jog recoveries; 2:30mins [3mins] jog recovery; 10 mins at 10k.
2/2/20 Yasso 800s: 7 to 9 x 800m @ same time in mm:ss as your target marathon in hh:mm with slow 400m jog in between. Should take almost as long as the 800m. Yasso 800s: 8 to 10 x 3mins [3:35mins] @ 5k pace with 3mins [3:35mins] jog in between. 
9/2/20 10mins @ 10k; 2-3 x 1200m (first 800m @ 5k, followed by 300m @ 3k, followed by 100m @ 1500m pace); 400m slow jog between sets. 5mins @ 10k 10mins at 10k; 2-3 x (3mins [3:35mins] @ 5k, followed by 60s [75s] @3k, followed by 20s [25s] @ 1500m pace); 2:30mins [3mins] slow jog recoivery between sets; 5 mins @ 10k
16/2/20 Paarlauf session: Pair up with someone of similar ability (if rules allow) to relay around the track. Up to 45 mins of continuous running: Run 300m at 5k pace then jog BACK 100m to tag your partner and repeat. Difficult to translate Paarlauf onto road.  Instead try a Fartlek:  10mins at 10k; Slow, medium fast between lamp posts (or other street markers) in turn for 15mins; 10mins at 10k
23/2/20 Pyramid: 400m, 600m, 800m, 1000m, [1200m], 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m @5k with 200m jog between reps. (total distance 6,800m with option of not doing the 1200m rep)  Pyramid: 90s, 2:15mins, 3mins, 3:45mins, 4:30mins, 3:45mins, 3mins, 2:15mins, 90s @5k with 75s jog between reps. (total time: 25:30mins) Make sure you don't go off too fast!  First reps should feel easy, but you will feel it after the 1200m. [for a 23mins 5k runner:  1:50, 2:45, 3:35, 4:30, 5:25, 4:30, 3:35, 2:45, 1:50]
2/3/20 5-6 x 1500m @ 10k with 100m slow jog recovery 5-6 x 6mins [7:15mins] @ 10k with 40s [50s] slow jog recovery
9/3/20 2 x [4-6 x 400m @ 3k, 200m jog recovery] 400m jog between sets 2 x [4-6 x 80s [1:35] @3k, 75s [90s] jog recovery] 2:30mins [3mins] jog between sets
16/3/21 4-6 x 1400m @ 5k pace with 200m jog between reps 4-6 x 5:15mins [6:20mins] @ 5k pace with 75s [90s] jog between reps
23/3/21 4-6 x (800m @ 10k, 400m @ 5k, 200m@ 3k) with 200m between reps.  Looking for the change of pace. 4-6 x (3mins @ 10k, 90s @ 5k, 45s @ 3k) with 75s jog recovery between reps.  Looking for the change of pace. [23 mins 5k runner: 4-6 x (3:35mins @ 10k, 1:50mins @ 5k, 55s @ 3k) with 90s between reps]
30/3/21  6-8 x 800 @ 5k with 200m jog recovery between  6-8 x 3mins [3;35] @ 5k with 75s j[90s] og recovery between