Tuesdays at Maida Vale

Our Endurance track session on Tuesdays is delivered by the following qualified England Athletics coaches: Gavin Edmonds - Athletics Coach Endurance; Will Tucker and Ewan Maynard - Assistant Athletics Coaches; Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) - Lina Ambruleviciute; Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) - James Gillanders.

The sessions are for Event Specific Endurance Athletes and Triathletes. If this title sounds confusing, Event Specific is the level up from Foundation in the England Athletics classification. The levels are Fundamental (Juniors), Foundation, Event Specific, Performance, Elite.

You should have a specific time based goal to attend this session and know your current paces and lap times, ie 3k, 5k, 10k pace, etc.

There is no minimum standard for this session but you should be running at least 30 miles per week over 4-7 runs. For Triathletes this may be 3 runs a week and not neccessarily 30 miles but you would ideally be around sub 2:45 for an Olympic diatance triathlon. 

Times: Meet punctually at 7pm by the sprint lanes/ main start line for a dynamic warmup and drills, having already jogged 1km. The session finishes around 8pm.

Contact: The criteria is stated above and if you have any questions about your training please feel welcome to contact Gavin gavinedmonds@yahoo.co.uk

Location: Paddington Rec Track, Maida Vale. There is no fee for the track. Bags can be left by the sprint lanes or there are lockers which require a returnable £1 coin. Showers and changing rooms cost £3.15 payable at reception.

9 Weeks Late Autumn to the end of 2023

Most of us have finished the season with a big race in September or October and this time of year allows for more time to work on strength and endurance with the Cross Country season being one of the more popular things to be excited about. There's still the Club Championshp Half Marathon at St Neots on the calendar and many runners are targeting races abroad later in the year.

We're doing a bit more strength than usual with the inclusion of 3 Oregon sessions over the 9 weeks and there are some sessions bookended with marathon pace to be a bit more gentle on the body. Lately there have been a lot of minor injuries with members, mostly on the same muscle group and we've got the opportunity to address this over the coming months. The warmups will reflect this too with additional mobility exercises. What you can do is make sure the runs you do outside of the track session all have a purpose and a deliberate balance between easy and fast pace running. If you need any advice do ask, we love technical questions!

Wk Date Main Set Paces Description Races
1 24th Oct 3 x (4’ 30” at 10k pace / 3’ at 5k pace/ 90” at 3k pace)  75” recovery throughout 10k/5k/3k Timed session so we will annoy the footballers with our whistle. North London Champs XC and Sunday Leage this week
2 31st Oct Halloween Oregon Circuits 10k In Oregon we divide the group into 2 and one group will run 400m at 10k pace while the other does a strength exercise, eg squats or pressups. When the group returns from their lap, they will do the strength exercise while the other group run their 400m. The strength exercise will change once both groups have done it once and we continue until both have completed 10 different exercises. Followed by a trip to the pub. Liddiard Trophy XC  and Sunday Leage this week

7th Nov

7 x 1100m at 10k pace 100m jog recovery 10k This session is specifically made for those running St Neots, short recoveries with a medium length rep for 10k pace. Met League this week and 12 days out from the St Neots Half Marathon
4 14th Nov 10’ at Target MP with 12 strides every 200m /4-5 x 1000m at 5k pace with 200m jog recovery / 8’ at Target MP with 8 strides every 200m MP/5k For runners slower than 3:15 for the marathon your MP would be closer to your 20 mile race pace. What we're looking for is the upper end of the aerobic system or 'true' Lactate Threshold. This is 12 seconds a lap slower than your 5k pace. To add strength you'll speed up for just 12 strides on every 200m mark at the start of the session and the same but with 8 strides at the end. The main set is 5k at 5k pace. London Champs XC this week and St Neots
5 21st Nov 1/2 Oregon Circuits with 5 phases / 2 x (4 x 400m at 5k pace with reducing recoveries of 45” / 30” / 15” and 75” between sets 10k 2 sessions in one! We will do only 5 different exercises of an Oregon session before taking on half a session of 400s with reducing recoveries. Last Friday 5k this week
6 28th Nov 1600m at 10k pace / 2 x (8 x 300m at *the same* 10k pace with 100m jog recovery in 30” to 40”) / 1600m at 10k pace / 75” recovery between all sets 10k Continuing the high rep, high vloume, medium pace, short recovery method introduced during the Summer. This time we will use the 10k pace of the opening mile to set the pace we run the 300s at. The aim is to condition ourselves with the volume, not the intensity so really important not to smash the 300s. Met League XC, Perivale 5m, British Masters 5k and Valencia Marathon this week
7 5th Dec 10’ at Target MP with 12 strides every 200m / 2-3 x 1600m at 5k pace / 75” recovery between sets / 8’ at Target MP with 8 strides every 200m MP/5k Same as the 14th November but the Main Set has moved from kilometre reps to miles. Dorney Lake Half Marathon this week
8 12th Dec Christmas Orelauf Team Relays 10k/5k Designed for maximum confusion. This is a mix of Oregon Circuits AND Parlauf relays. Everyone will pair up and each team runs a 4 x 300m relay, followed by 2 full exercise phases of Oregon, then repeat until they've done Parlauf, Oregon, Parlauf, Oregon, Parlauf, Oregon, Parlauf. Then a trip to the pub. Portsmouth Marathon and Sunday Leage XC this week
9 19th Dec 10’ at Target MP with 12 strides every 200m / 3 x 800m at 5k pace with 200m jog recovery / 3 x 400m at 5k pace with 60 seconds static recovery / 1200m 5k pace after a 90 second break / 8’ at Target MP with 8 strides every 200m MP/5k Same as the 14th November and 5th December but with some more varied 5k work. Tapering for the Christmas Day parkrun
  26th Dec No Session: Boxing Day - Merry Christmas!     Last Friday 5k and Buntingford Year End 10m
  2nd Jan No Session or a Balke Test - TBC 3k/5k In an Balke Test we run as far as possible in 15 minutes and use the data to calculate your current training paces Middlesex Champs XC this week
1 9th Jan First Official Session of 2024 - TBC