First Claim or Second Claim?

What does it mean?

When you join a running club, providing it is your only club, that is your first claim club. If you subsequently join another club, that will be your second claim club. You can race as an individual in open races for any club you are a member of. However, for league and championship races and to count as part of a scoring team, you have to compete for your first claim club, unless it is not affiliated to UKA for that discipline, or is not participating in that league. This system is primarily designed to stop elite athletes swapping from club to club regularly.

British Triathlon operates a similar system, although it isn't called 'first claim'. The club shown on a triathlete's BTF membership card is their primary club. Triathletes can compete for any number of other clubs, but in the National Relay events they can only compete for the club shown on their BTF membership card. If you are a member of more than one club, when you submit an entry form for a triathlon, you can decide which of your clubs to race for.

Triathletes are allowed to change primary club once in any year, by application to British Triathlon.

Changing your first claim status

Please contact the membership secretary for help and advice if you're planning to change your claim to/from Serpentine.

Can second claim members train with Serpentine and take part in Club Championships?

All members are welcome to train at all club training sessions. In order to count for triathlon, road or track & field club championships, however, Serpentine must be your UK Athletics 1st claim club.

To count for Serpentine

When racing for Serpentine please use the club name "Serpentine" on entry forms and when/if you join British Triathlon. Please wear club kit if possible (mandatory at championships).