Now You've Joined, Where Should You Start?

Here are a few tips on some club activities you may want to try. Don't be afraid of chosing a different path, these are simply suggestions.

If you are completely new to running..

If you run a bit but want to run further and faster..

  • Go to a foundation track training session.
  • Become a regular on Wednesday and/or Saturday club runs.
  • Run your first handicap straight away, giving yourself a better chance of winning as you get faster. Stay for coffee afterwards too.
  • Volunteer to mind the bags on a Wednesday evening.

If you are an experienced runner..

If you have joined as a social runner..

If you are a track and field athlete..

  • Join our athletics training sessions.
  • Come to a Southern, Rosenheim or Vets League (35 or over) meeting as part of our team (scoring or non-scoring).
  • Volunteer to help out at athletics events. No experience is required to rake a sandpit or retrieve a thrown object! Or train to be a qualified official.

If you are a novice triathlete..

If you are an experienced triathlete..