Have you ever wondered how Serpentine is run?

We are a huge club, catering for all ability levels, offering advice and training, team events and road races and providing a very professional website.

Well, you probably knew this before. But are you aware that every single activity is organised and managed by volunteers – people who work, have families and don't spend the whole day in running shoes (although, ok, some do).

All volunteers are reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses: Expense claims

Why do they do it?

  • They are passionate about running, triathlon and/or athletics.
  • They want to give something back to a club that has offered them a lot.
  • They want to help others to enjoy running as much as they do.

What can I do?

There are a lot of opportunities for you to get involved. You dont need any specific skills or background – just come along and join the others.Helping at track meeting

Contact the relevant people below, or for more advice try the Volunteers co-ordinator.

Marshalling and supporting runners at races: Give directions to runners and hand out water at our high profile races such as the Last Friday of the Month 5k and the New Year's Day 10k races. Contact: Race Organisation

Pacing at club runs (Wednesday evening & Saturday morning): Lead groups of runners along the 2, 2.5 and 3 Parks routes and help new runners to find the right group. Contact: Club runs

Leading the Beginners Group at club runs (Saturday morning): Make sure that nobody gets lost, motivate beginners, and advise on running-related questions. Contact: Club runs

Helping with other jobs involved in club runs: minding bags, setting off 2 and 3 Parks runs on Wednesday nights. Contact: Club runs or just come forward on the day!

Driving/supporting/organising team events (Welsh Castles, Norfolk, Green Belt etc.): Run and volunteer – support, drive, feed, entertain the other runners. A great weekend out, even if you don't want to run. Contact: Competition

MarshallingOrganising social events such as the Christmas and Summer parties. Contact: Social

Joining the Committee (currently 14 members including Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). Elections take place every autumn. Contact: Honorary Secretary

Website management & social media. Tasks include website maintenance, social media admin, serpiemail, events scheduling, results management, content development, database programming and web design. Contact: Communications

Other jobs currently done by volunteers in the club:

  • coaching at track sessions
  • selling kit
  • organising trips and weekend outings (Lanzarote, Isle of Wight, etc.)
  • keeping our results database up-to-date
  • adding events to the Race Planner
  • officiating at track & field meetings

So please, give it a try!