Race Marshalling

Marshals at the Last Friday 5kWe need people to marshall at our regular club and open races, including Last Friday of the Month 5km, Jekyll & Hyde Park duathlon, New Year's Day 10km, club championship grand prix races, and more! Keep an eye on club emails for marshall requests or sign up on 'My Events' if you can help at any of these regular events.

You don't need any experience to help out as a marshall, but make sure you turn up in plenty of time to get your instructions and get to your place on the course. If you do have experience we would love to hear from you as you may be able to help out at the finish, or with timekeeping, or marshall co-ordination.

You can also apply to become a graded Endurance Offical under the UK Athletics 3-tier national structure, which operates in parallel to the technical officials grading structure. As with the technical officials, the club will pay for your training if you intend to marshall for the club. More information is below, this was taken from the UK Athletics website in June 2007, so please check on their website for updated information.

Contact officials@serpentine.org.uk

Accident and Incident Reporting

For marshalls at any Serpentine events, if an accident or incident happens, it should be reported on the British Athetics accident and incident report form. See form.

Endurance Event Officials Grading System

For the purpose of this scheme, Endurance Events are deemed to cover all disciplines outside of the stadium plus track events in excess of 10 miles. The respective grades of Endurance Event Officials are as follows.

Level 2

This is the basic level with the aim being to recruit, encourage and recognise as many people as possible. At this level, officials are expected to have knowledge and practical experience of the duties involved for at least one year.

Level 3

Officials at this level must have at least 1 year’s service at Level 2 involving a number of races. They should have knowledge and practical experience of more than one area of race organisation (start, course, finish, timekeeping and rules & administration).

Level 5

At this level an official must have at least 3 year’s active service at Level 3. During that time they must have satisfied their peers of their competence. They should have knowledge and practical experience of all areas of race organisation and have acted as a “key official” in a number of races.


Starters: Starters in the Endurance disciplines must have knowledge and practical experience of starting at off-track events.

Timekeepers: Timekeepers in the Endurance disciplines must have knowledge and practical experience of Timekeeping at off-track events.