Club Road Championships

For 2017 the Serpentine Club Championships will be split to have separate championships for athletics (track & field) and road running. The shorter track races will no longer be included in the overall age-graded championship (except 1mile and 3000m as part of the grand prix).

The Serpentine Club Championships are a series of races with trophies for the male, female and age-graded winners of each race. The 1k and 5k races are part of the "grand-prix" (which also includes the 1-mile and 3000m track races) and are organised by the club so there is no advance entry – you just turn up on the day. The other races are open races and you must enter them yourself.

To count for club championship competitions you must:

  1. Be a first claim member of Serpentine Running Club
  2. Have entered under your own name
  3. Compete wearing club colours

The Serpentine Age-Graded Championship uses performance factors to calibrate Club Championship race times, to put everyone (male and female, younger and older) on a level playing field. The overall championship will be awarded to the first claim member with the highest average percentage from any 5 of the championship races (road and track).

The results of the club championships are published in the results database.

Any marathon run this year will count towards the Club Championships. When inputting marathon times in the results database the official time should be used, and for championship contenders this will be checked at the end of the year against published results.

The dates of the club championships are listed below. They are also included in the Serpentine Planner where they are highlighted in yellow.

2017 Age Graded Championship Races


Distance Race Date
Marathon Any race during 2017
Half Marathon Milton Keynes Festival of Running Sun 5th March
1 km*
Hyde Park  Sat 15th July
5 km* Battersea Park Thu 27th July
10 km Middlesex & Open Sun 1st October
10 miles Cabbage Patch Sun 15th October

* Grand-prix races


 Distance Race Date
3000m* Paddington Track Tue 11th July
1 mile* Paddington Track Tue 18th July

* Grand-prix races

Please see the Athletics section for the Track & Field Championship races and field events (not part of the age-graded championship)