Physiotherapy is a profession dedicated to restoring and maintaining physical function of the body. Many runners end up needing to see a physiotherapist at some stage in their running careers.

Ideally, you should see a physiotherapist with an interest in sports injuries, and preferably particularly in running (better still if they are a runner). Some will treat the symptoms of a running injury, without seeking to address its underlying causes, and it is important that any advice you get is related to the fact that you are a runner. It is also important that your physio should understand your desire to get running again, and should be able to make a sound judgment about when and how it is safe to do so.

Note that neither Serpentine RC nor its members may be held responsible for any diagnosis or treatment. Before engaging the services of any specialist, members should satisfy themselves as to training, experience and insurance. If in any doubt you should consult your GP.

It is strongly advised that you double check the cost with the specialist before commencing treatment.

Physio Recommendation

Danny Armitage
Pimlico Physiotherapy

020 3411 5393

"Danny is a well-qualified physiotherapist from an interesting background working with professional footballers (for QPR) and with the Royal Ballet. He is a specialist in sports injuries and complex pain problems and has successfully helped my recovery from knee and arm injuries. Danny operates from a practice in Pimlico." Ben Gilmore

Chris Barber
Advanced Physiotherapy Centre
Blackheath, Bromley, Sevenoaks & Herne Hill

020 7844 0033

"Sports injury/re-injury treatment and prevention, Core stability, Postural correction, Acupuncture. I've been seeing him after months of other physios who haven't really done much and he is very good." Sarah Herbert

David Barton
Cobham and Weybridge Physio
DJN & Associates
106 Fenchurch St

0845 604 1980 &
077 4865 2552

"I've been seeing David on and off for many years. He specialises in sports and spinal injuries and is very thorough - always looking for the root cause rather than fixing the symptoms alone. Being a runner himself he really understands your desire to get training again as quickly as possible and tries to build this into your rehabilitation." Ian Hodge

Mark Bender


020 7610 7070

"I have been having physio and acupuncture treatment with Mark Bender. I really do recommend him." Phil Kelvin

Andy Britton
Pure Sports Medicine Bank, 41-47 Threadneedle Street,
cornhill, London, EC2R 8AR

Performance Physio Chelmsford, Kristy Ellis Personal training, Willow
Cottage, London Road, CM2 8TG

079 2151 2036

"I have been a Serpie for a few years, a runner all my life AND a physiotherapist for 18 years. In my time I have sadly had a few injuries, and have had to see quite a few physios, some good, some not so good, and being a physio myself I will admit I am perhaps a little difficult to treat! But Andy is really quite unique: one of the best I have seen. He has great knowledge; a lot of experience; and a wonderful understanding of running / cycling, so applies it in a very holistic and evidenced based way. I would highly recommend him. I also see him for top ups! To keep running relatively pain free, he is a great asset for any endurance person to have in their tool box, to keep doing what you love." Tanya Usher

Janette Cliffe 
NW & Central London

079 8492 6347

"Janette evaluated my issue in its overall context, treating all related muscle groups to ensure balance - even going as far as to draw me diagrams for a comprehensive range of rehab exercises. With over 13 years experience as a physio, she is also an accredited Pilates trainer." Justin Greenslade

Nick Critchley

Aldgate and Liverpool Street

020 7702 1112

"Nick is an active sportsman with the attitude of getting the injured athlete back running as soon as possible followed by an extensive period of rehabilitation to correct whatever caused the injury. Very keen on core stability for athletes." Anthony Stranger-Jones

The Great Health Clinic

020 7226 6406

"I have been a regular client of Great Health Company for 8 years or more, during which they have successfully dealt with a whole series of typical running-related problems with the full repertoire of therapeutic techniques, and helped me through five marathons. I now refer myself to them as a matter of course for any niggle that doesn't clear up within a short time. I have no hesitation in recommending them as an important resource to fellow Serpies" George Allan

David Harris
Oxford Circus Physiotherapy


020 7636 5774

"David is a friendly, straightforward New Zealander. He promised to have me running again in 6 weeks after rupturing an ankle ligament, and did exactly that, making the rehabilitation exercises varied and fun."

Nadine Ipoly

020 7404 6343

"Very helpful 45 minute session, no queue and very convenient." Olivia Orton

Andre Jacobs
Muswell Hill

07799 412047

"I have been using Andre for quite a while and he has helped me to cure quite a series of running related injuries. I can highly recommend him." Urban Bettag

Sarah Lawson
Physio Remedies


020 3012 1222

"Sarah (and the rest of the practice) does a lot of work with athletes, actors and dancers. She was not at all daunted by an older runner with a chronic injuries and many bits which will never be perfect again! Unlike any other physio I have ever seen, she insisted on seeing me running outside (once I was again able to run that is!) rather than on a treadmill. Since going to her I have with great relief stopped using orthotics – something I had done for 3 years. Core stability is an important part of her therapy and she incorporates pilates into the exercises she prescribes. The practice also runs pilates classes and offers massage. One of the other physios specialises in back problems." Jan Farmer

Robert McLoughlin
The Robert McLoughlin Practice

079 5618 5123

"I now use an Osteo based in Baker Street who is a bit of a magician and recently helped sort out 3 torn ligaments in my ankle. He practises intensive ultrasound as a form of deep tissue massage and uses joint manipulation. Anyway, he's the best I've ever seen. He generally does one hour sessions and will inflict a good hit out of pain, but if you're looking to get sorted as quick as possible, he's your man." Calan Horsman

Scott Newton

07974 181435

"Scott is very talented at diagnosing injuries quickly and accurately - and this ensures that you are back on the right path towards running ASAP.  I've had some trouble regarding misdiagnosis with other physios in the past, so getting it right the first time is invaluable" Tony Payne

Eirian Rees
Complete Physio

020 7482 3875

"I found Eirian to be very knowledgeable, professional and detailed in tracing the roots of a lower back problem and advising suitable rehab. I'd recommend him." David Chalfen

Anne Roebuck
Physiotherapy London
Canary Wharf & Marble Arch

020 7093 3499

"After running in the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon I had pain in my groin and knee areas feeling that this was a real problem I went to see Anne Roebuck. She was very professional and helpful in describing exactly what was going on. It actually turned out to be a spinal injury and was treated with manipulation and ultra-sound. She also gave me ways of avoiding injury. I am now fully fit, what more of a recommendation do you need than that?" Gordon Hutton

Greg Ryan

Harley Street, W1

020 7702 1112

"Swears by core stability. Treats both the causes and the symptoms. Encourages you to take an active role in recovering from your injury. Thinks like an athlete." Grethe Petersen

Leslie Watson
W1 & City

020 7723 4379

"Lesley Watson is a brilliant running physio – she used to be the top British marathon runner (early 80s) so is great for running related injuries." Richard Melik

Kasia Zielina
Physio Solutions
Angel, N1

020 7713 7780

"Kasia is an excellent physiotherapist, with plenty of experience treating sports injuries." Stefano Pardi