Running for Beginners

Every runner was once a beginner. We all of us wondered where to start; how far and fast to run;what sort of kit to buy; whether to join a club; and so on.

Long time beginners group leader Sid Wills at the July 2015 handicap

This section of the website is for anyone who is just starting out in running and is looking for some advice.

You are starting out in a sport which gives a great many people a lot of pleasure. For many of us, it is an important part of who we are. We wish you every success, and hope that you find running as rewarding and inspiring as we do.

You can either read these pages like a book, by reading one article after the next, or jump around to the articles that interest you, by following links on each page using the left hand menu.

If you'd like some help and advice in the company of others getting started, we suggest you sign up for our next Beginners' Jogging Course.