Serpentine Beginners' Jogging Course

Graduates from the beginners group

Throughout the year we run Beginners' Courses. We have a large team of UKA trained course leaders. Everyone is a volunteer.

The courses are free, but you have to be a member of the Serpentine RC. Details on fees and how to join can be found in the 'About us - How to join' section.

Whatever your level, do not be put off joining our running club. We welcome all abilities, from those at walking stage, up to a very high standard. We have 1158 members. We like that mix.

The Beginners' Course lasts 8 weeks. By the end you should be able to run 2/3 miles. All sessions start at the Seymour Leisure Centre and move onto Hyde Park. We are a supportive/caring group of leaders. We will work slowly with you, building up your confidence, endurance and strength in what I hope you find a nurturing way.

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Beginners at club runs

The inclusive nature of Serpentine means that beginners and social runners are always welcome to participate in our club runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. There are always a range of speeds and abilities among the many members who show up, and runners are encouraged to stick together within pace groups and keep an eye out for one another. Note, however, that the shortest route run is 4.3 miles. For your own health and safety you should be able to run this distance in under 50 minutes (11-12 minutes per mile) in order to stay with other runners out that morning or evening. This is especially important on Wednesday evenings during the winter months (October to April) when it is dark. If you are unable to run this distance, you should sign up for the next eight-week Beginners' Course.

Beginners' running schedules

When you first start running, it can be helpful to follow a running schedule. If you are reasonably fit, the Runner's World Get-Started Schedules should be suitable.

If you are unfit, you may find our gentle introduction to running more suitable.

Health and medical conditions

Unfortunately we are not in a position to give specific medical advice. If you are unsure of whether or not you should participate in our club runs because you are concerned about your health or have a medical condition, you should consult a doctor or medical professional.

If you are very overweight or over 40, and haven't exercised for some time, you are also advised to consult a doctor or medical professional before starting running.