Running Shops in London

See also our advice on buying shoes and kit

Specialised running shops in London

For the reasons given in our section on buying shoes and kit, it is better to buy your shoes and other gear from specialised running shops whenever possible. These shops are much more expert than general shops, and will help you to select shoes which suit your running style. They will give you sensible advice about whether you need new shoes in the first place. They will let you road test the shoes, and will watch you to see if they are suitable for your biomechanics. If you go to a general sports store, a spotty teenager will sell you the model with the latest colour scheme and the highest profit margin. You have been warned.

Many of the best running shops in London give Serpentine members a discount. Have a look at the members' discounts page for full details of these as well as discounts on triathlon equipment, health and nutrition services, fitness holidays and discounts on even non running-related services such as printing.