Osteopaths focus on the musculo-skeletal system (the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue). Osteopaths diagnose and treat faults which occur because of injury, stress or perhaps disease, to enable the musculo-skeletal system to work as efficiently as possible, allowing the body to restore itself to normal function. They have a highly trained sense of touch, using manual techniques both to discover underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment.

Note that neither Serpentine RC nor its members may be held responsible for any diagnosis or treatment. Before engaging the services of any specialist members should satisfy themselves as to training, experience and insurance. If in any doubt you should consult your GP.

It is strongly advised that you double check the cost with the specialist before commencing treatment.

Osteopath Area Recommendation

Gavin Burt
Backs and Beyond

020 7284 4664

North London "A long-standing Serpie recommended I go to Gavin. He runs himself, and understands our need to keep running! He also fixed a neck problem that had interfered with my cycling pleasure for more than 20 years!" Ros Young

Denise Cuddigan
Crista Galli Osteopathy

078 0867 0834

Bayswater "I would highly recommend Denise, she is a great Osteopath who I have been seeing for over a year. I am training for the London Marathon and she has treated me for an injury from over-training. I now go to her regularly for check ups to decrease risk of injury and reduce tension in my muscles and joints. Denise has given me very useful advice and tips for preventing injury and keeping my joints and muscles strong." Poppy Pippin

David Langdon
Langdon Osteopathy

078 4191 9334

Fulham, Putney, Richmond "I'm not a veteran where injury treatment is concerned, but am a cynic, and was more convinced by David's skills and knowledge, plus his ability to pinpoint what was wrong, than I have been by others I've visited and not returned to. He's currently in his 5th year of training (as at February 2008) hence is a little cheaper than other London-based osteos, so good for those who are on a budget. A long-term rugby player, so has had plenty of experience of various injuries, and practice on his team!" Sioned Morgan

Liz Morris
Mind and Body Health

Email: lizmorris@live.co.uk
01273 670960 &
077 7187 3630

Brighton "Thanks to Liz, I was able to avoid foot surgery. Instead of telling me to stay off my feet, she used a combination of ultrasound, massage, and minimal arch supports to keep me running. She has a holistic approach to therapy and is simply a very cool chick." Jessica Stone

Claire Webster
South Westminster Osteopathic Clinic

Email: claire.webster@osteopathy.uk.net
or cl.webster@virgin.net
020 8746 5736 or
020 8746 5766 

SW1 "I found her to be excellent when I had some knee problems and would not hesitate to recommend her. She specializes in sports related problems and has worked with the likes of the London Scottish Rugby squad." Ruairi MacIver

London School of Osteopathy

Email: info@lso.ac.uk
020 7265 9333

E1 "Basically these clinics are done by the final year students but they are watched over by experienced professional Osteopaths. I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and professional." Ronan Hickey