Drugs in Sport

Anti-Doping Guidelines

In view of positive drug tests resulting from the use of dietary supplements, Serpentine RC advises members to exercise considerable caution in the use of such supplements. It is our belief that it is safest not to use them unless prescribed by your GP, at which time you should advise your doctor that you are an athlete.

Ensure that the contents of the prescribed supplement do not appear on the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances or on lists from other athletic governing bodies such as UK Athletics. If in doubt, cease taking them and refer to your GP or the chemist where purchased. One tool available to athletes is Informed-Sport. This independent programme evaluates supplement manufacturers for their process integrity and screens supplements and ingredients for the presence of prohibited substances.

You should also be aware that recreational drugs such as cannabis and its derivatives are also prohibited substances.

Under IAAF and UKA rules, the individual athlete is responsible for anything that appears within their body system whether they have taken it knowingly or otherwise. The basis for the rules is that you should not put anything into your body without first being certain that the contents are within the rules of the sport. Ignorance is not a defence.

UK Anti-Doping's position statement on supplements is online at http://www.ukad.org.uk/supplements

Drug Testing

Note that any athlete participating in an athletics meeting in the UK may be drug tested. Athletes should be aware that only registered medicines should be used.

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