Tuesday Track Sessions at Paddington

Running coaches Andrew Reeves and Sarah Pemberton organise the Serpentine track session for seniors on Tuesday evenings at Paddington Track.

Paddington Track The coached session starts at 7pm and typically consists of a brief explanation followed by a group warmup involving dynamic exercises and drills designed to improve your running and to get you ready for the sessions itself. The groups are divided by ability / experience with the more advanced runners tending to cover a greater distance or having shorter recoveries whilst the others tend to do slightly less or have greater recoveries. Current abilities of participants range from about 33 minutes for a 10K through to around 46 minutes for the same distance.

The workouts usually finish by around 8:15/30pm. A track fee of £1 per person is charged payable at either the entrance to the actual track or at reception. Lockers and free changing rooms are available by reception.

More details on the session itself, its suitability, and more personalised advice can be gained by emailing the Paddington Coaches. If you're new to the session, please seek out one of the coaches before the session starts.

If you are new to track training please consider using the beginner / improver type session on Monday night at Paddington.

Full details of the programme are below and are also sent to the mailing list each week.


The sessions from October are to prepare for the upcoming XC season.  Training speed will normally be 10k and 5k pace, but we will throw in some faster 3k reps to keep your speed going, especially in the week leading up to the key X-C races (Met Leagues, Southerns and Nationals).  We will continue to do some oregon circuits for strength-endurance and continue to incorporate technical warm ups with equipment to help your form and efficiency. 

Date Session Recoveries / Notes
25/10/16 Yasso 800m: Run 8x800m with each 800m run at your marathon time in hh:mm translated to mm:ss.  So if you can run 3:30 hrs then run each at 3:30 mins.  Recovery is 400m run in the same time. Easiest way to describe this to non-marathon runners is 8x800m at 5k pace with 400m jog recovery.  We will use this as a base reading and repeat throughout the season to measure progress.  
1/11/16 Oregon circuits: Multiple laps of track at 10k pace followed by exercises. Whole body strength-endurance:  Running at 10k pace while tired.

Paarlauf session: Pair up with someone of similar ability to relay around the track.  45 mins of continuous running: Run 300m then jog BACK 100m to tag your partner and repeat.

Paarlauf is a great way to work and train the lactate shuttle energy system. Excess lactate produced during the fast leg must be metabolised during the slow leg of the relay to prevent lactate build-up.

15/11/16 10mins @ 10k; 2 x 800m @ 5k; 2 x 400m @ 3k; 200m jog between reps and 400m jog between sets. Multi-pace session - sharpener before the second Met League. Aim to be well recovered between sets.  
22/11/16 tbd