Website technical details

This website is designed and hosted with open-source and non-proprietary software, based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and javascript. It is maintained by Ian Hodge and a host of helpers.

The website, database and email systems are all hosted on a fully managed, dedicated linux server by United Hosting. They're not cheap but their service levels and support are second to none.

Most of the informational content is stored and maintained in an excellent content management system Beekeeper supplied and customised for us by the friendly team at Fat Beehive. Beekeeper also provides us with our online news and club mailing list facilities. Beekeeper utilises PHP, MySQL and javascript. The membership database, results database, events planner, and MyEvents systems are all developed and maintained by Serpentine members, also with PHP, MySQL and javascript.

We aim to make everything on this website fully compliant with modern standards. Most pages should validate as XHTML1.0 Strict with CSS2.1 although we are aware of one or two tags which are still XHTML1.0 Transitional which we are working to remove. Updates to use HTML5 and CCS3 are being planned.

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Note: This website works best with modern browser. If you're using IE7 or earlier, or any other older browser, some pages may not display correctly as this site is not tested against old browsers. We suggest you download a modern, standards compliant browser, which should display everything on this site very well.