Lanzarote Testimonial - Martin Gaunt

Sporting interests: Running, cycling, occasionally swimming.Martin Gaunt

What were your aims before the trip?: To get seven quality days of marathon training under my belt, see a bit of Lanzarote, and lie in the sun.

Did you fulfil your aims?: Yes.

Were you able to train with other Serpies of similar standard?: Yes, there was a good range of abilities, and plenty of healthy competition to spur me on.

Were there a sufficient variety of sessions available to take part in?: Certainly. The difficulty was finding the time and energy to take part in them all.

What were the facilities like at Club La Santa? What were the scope of the run/cycle routes around the island?: The sporting facilities are excellent. You only have to look at the hall of fame of athletes that have been to La Santa to realise that the facilities must be top notch.

Was there any opportunity to do other sports apart from running/swimming/cycling?: Yes, lots - La Santa have a very full programme of events across numerous sports.

What were the restaurants and food like at Club La Santa?: The focus is on quantity rather than quality. If you want fine dining or great restaurants, head elsewhere, but if you're just looking to fill up with fairly standard grub post-workout, La Santa is fine.

What sort of activities were you able to do in the evenings?: It generally revolved around socialising in the bar after dinner, then heading off to bed reasonably early thoroughly exhausted!

Did you get to know many other Serpies that you had not met before?: Yes, quite a few.

Would you have any tips for anyone going on the trip for the first time?: Unless you're planning on doing lots of cycling, don't bother bringing your bike. The bikes La Santa have for hire are pretty good (at least on a par with my Specialized Allez).

Can you sum up your Club La Santa experience in one sentence?: Typical day: run, eat, sunbathe, swim, eat, cycle, sleep, eat, socialise, sleep.