Lanzarote Activities

Club La Santa offers a comprehensive range of sporting and non-sporting activities and on arrival you will be given a list of the week's organised events. There are also numerous non-organised sporting activities which you can participate in as you wish. In addition, Serpentine arranges a full list of our own activities, primarily catering towards running, swimming and biking. We are organising a wide-ranging social programme so that everyone feels included , even if they dont know many others in the club, or are injured and can’t train.

The traing timetable for 2018 has not been finalised yet but the Lanzarote training timetable for 2017 is available for reference. By popular request the Frank Horwill Mile, the mini-tri and "The Quiz" will all be included again. The timetable caters for all capabilities and including some new programmes compared to the last three years.

Some events, both Club La Santa and Serpentine, require booking in advance, but for the majority you can just turn up.

It is useful to find out where the Sports Booking office is. Here, after handing in your passport as a deposit, you will be given a numbered tag that you can use all week to hire/book sporting equipment (tennis, squash or badminton racquets and courts, bikes, kayak, SUP, wind surf, etc.) Any events that require booking are made at the Sports Booking Hall. Serpies will also have our own notice board outside the Sports Booking, but this will be monitored this year to ensure everyone gets the chance to meet all the coaches/bike leaders they wish to.

Most activities are free, however for some off-site ones, such as scuba diving, golf, surfing etc. there is a charge.


Frank Horwill mileWe will have Andrew Reeves heading up the run coaching in 2018 as before. There will be organised training sessions at the track and over various distances on the local roads and trails, as well as running technique sessions and the opportunity for one:one sessions plus regular group recovery runs. Club La Santa also organises a 5k/10k road race and a half-marathon each week.

Focused running technique sessions (RunTech) are also available during the week.

Schedule of the running training from the 2015 trip

Sessions can be tailored and run routes lengthened/shortened to suit the individual and what they are training for. There are a number of different run routes that are used throughout the week, on a variety of terrain and undulation. Click on the links below to download a map of each of these routes:

Ridge Run | view route online

Lagoon Run | view route online

10/20 mile Run | view route online

Club La Santa 5k/10k race | view route online

Club La Santa Half Marathon race | view route online


Lanzarote SwimmingOur swim coach will be Margaret Sills. Sessions will cover both fitness and technique. We have a number of dedicated lanes reserved in the Olympic swimming pool every morning and in the evening. There will also be the opportunity to swim in the Lagoon (with wetsuits) most mornings and evenings – and we have asked that the buoys will be in situ for the 70.3 course.

You can also use any of the three the Olympic pools at other times during the day, except when some lanes may be reserved for other parties (see timetable at the side of the pools).

We have swimming coaching available everyday from beginners to advanced. This involves a variety of different sessions, made up of both technique and fitness.

Schedule of swimming sessions provided in 2015


Lanzarote cyclingAlex Elferink will be leading the bike programme in 2018, offering a lot of technique sessions for all levels as well as short and long bike rides.

There will be short and long rides, fitness and technique specific sessions as well as brick sessions introduced this year.

The camp usually starts with a 20k time trial on the first day – this is purely to gage your own fitness level and speed, which will help you choose the correct groups to ride with during the week, and avoid frustration of having to adjust the entire group’s speed because someone signed up to the wrong group. Participation is strongly recommended at the time trial but if you would prefer to do it on your own, that is ok as well.

Schedule of the cycle training from the 2015 trip


In addition to the individual disciplines, Club La Santa organises the "Serpie Mini Tri" and a weekly (non Serpie-specific) Aquathlon and Duathlon. These are great events to take part in or support.

This year we will have triathlon specific training including ‘brick' sessions and transition training.

Other/Offsite Activities

Lanzarote Mountain Biking

Club La Santa has a whole range of other activities taking place throughout the week, such as windsurfing, tennis, volleyball, aerobics etc. It is possible to hire the equipment required for any activity from Sports Booking and, for most sports, this is free of charge. The weekly program of events taking place at Club La Santa can be found on the La Santa website.

There is also a wellness centre that has saunas, a jacuzzi, steam room.

In the past, groups have gone on day trips elsewhere on the island (at an additional cost). One popular activity is to go mountain biking on Graciosa Island to the north of Lanzarote. This can be organised by individuals either prior to arriving in Lanzarote or with Sports Booking once you are there.