Lanzarote booking details

Room preferences

Club La Santa has 3 physical room types available in the classic apartment blocks:

  • One-bedroom apartments for 1-3 adults (2 in one twin room, 1 in lounge)
  • Standard two-bedroom apartments for 4-5 adults (2x twin rooms, 1 in lounge)
  • Large two-bedroom apartments for 6 adults (2x twin rooms, 2 in large lounge, 2x bathrooms)

You select your sharing preference (in terms of how many people you wish to share with), which dictates the room you will be allocated and resultant cost.

For example, if you select a "2 person" share, you will be allocated a one-bedroom apartment but will pay a higher price than someone selecting a "3 person" share as the apartment is identical but cost is shared amongst 2 rather than 3 persons.

If you select a "4 person share", you will be allocated a standard two-bedroom apartment (capacity 5 persons) but pay more than someone selecting a "5 person share" who would be allocated the same physical apartment type but with the cost split across more people.

We will do our best to match your sharing preference, however you may be allocated a different sized apartment depending on availability and the cost of the trip will change accordingly (Serpentine reserves a set number of room types a year in advance to secure significant discounts for the club).


We have now secured some group flight for the Serpentine 2017 trip. There is also the option to book accommodation only and to arrange your own flights. Please note that accommodation will have to be paid for the full 7 or 10 days, even if you arrive later than the start of the camp.

Options for 2017 trip

These are four options to choose:

  • Package including flights, acommodation and transfers for 7 days
  • Package including flights, acommodation and transfers for 10 days
  • Accommodation only for 7 days (we will try to organise a bus from the airport to Club La Santa for the most popular flight/s) [Full as of 11 October 2016]
  • Accommodation only for 10 days (we will try to organise a bus from the airport to Club La Santa for the most popular flight/s) [Full as of 11 October 2016]
Room size 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 days - accommodation cost £983 £582 £448 £457 £403 £431
10 day accommodation cost (supplement) £432 £230 £165 £214 £175 £164
Additional cost for flight £255 £255 £255 £255 £255 £255



Space for bikes on flights is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to airline availability and will incur an additional cost of £90. If you wish to take your bike with you, please indicate at the time of booking your package or flight. Bike reservations on the package option are non-refundable (unless you are not granted a bike place due to lack of availability).

There are several options to hire bikes in Lanzarote:

  • By reserving a bike for 3 days+ with Club La Santa directly. Book online from Club La Santa. You must book well in advance for this option.
  • By renting a high-spec road or TT bike from Probike in La Santa village – further details on their website: You must book well in advance for this option.


This trip does not include travel insurance. All participants are required to take out their own insurance for this holiday, which adequately covers all (sporting) activities that they may wish to undertake, plus equipment (if necessary). Note that many insurance policies do not automatically cover competitive events (i.e. races). Check carefully with your insurance company well in advance of the trip if you wish to participate in any competitive event (e.g. mini tri, open water lagoon swim race, etc.). You are personally responsible to ensure you are adequately covered by your own personal insurance for any activity you participate in.