Welsh Castles Relay

10th and 11th June 2017 - who has signed up

The following 42 people have signed up for the race.

List correct at 22 November 2017 08:59.

Romjan Ali2017-04-12 14:04:0010k @50mins - can't drive a minibus
Nicola Anderson2017-04-12 08:54:44Pace - 8min mile
Faye Barrett2017-05-09 19:47:56Currently injured. Should be ok for 10th/11th June but will be slow.
Simon Barrett2017-05-16 20:39:50Currently injury-free but also fitness-free. Don't drive very often so probably not a good idea. Would like to run a stage I haven't done before if possible and teams not full already.
Jennifer Bradley2017-05-14 19:45:00I'd rather drive than be a passenger, current pace ~1:35 half and ~42 mins 10k.
James Brown2017-04-05 23:05:47
Victoria Brown2017-05-07 18:18:16Current Half Marathon time - 1.30. Happy to drive
Simon Buckley2017-04-12 09:28:0410 mile pace approx 6:05min/mile. I'm working late on Friday but happy to drive a minibus up Saturday morning (like last year). Could I request stage 6 or any Sunday stage please!
Laura Carmichael2017-04-11 21:37:23.
Carla Denneny2017-04-28 20:38:12Can't drive a minibus. 1.28 HM. Prefer a Saturday stage if possible.
Bairbre Doyle2017-04-30 14:23:2010 miles/8mm
David P Evans2017-04-14 10:36:57
Paul Fromme2017-04-28 12:53:56Not fast, short stage. Can drive (people carrier)
James Gillanders2017-04-12 08:03:06
Daisy Gladstone2017-04-12 10:37:38Happy to drive but would ideally travel up on Saturday.
Verity Hailey2017-05-12 17:27:56~50min 10km . Yes can drive a minibus
Alexander Johnson2017-04-26 00:17:3010 mile PB is 69 min, but likely to be closer to c.7:20 per mile. Happy to drive a minibus.
Branwen Jones2017-04-12 13:08:51My rough pace for 10 miles is 85 minutes. I would love to do Stage 4 (Harlech Castle) but am more than happy to run any stage. I'm not qualified to drive a minibus unfortunately. Thanks
Christine Kennedy2017-05-09 12:41:37
Adrian Kerr2017-05-03 17:54:55V40, last race 10miles in 1:14:42
Nicola Kerr2017-04-12 09:49:0510k 52 mins
Margaret King2017-04-11 21:39:59About 1.23 for 10 miles
Ilona Kriauzaite2017-04-12 22:39:39Can drive
Sarah Maisey2017-05-18 17:46:0450min 10k. Can't drive (sorry). Would ideally like to go up on Saturday but can probably arrange Friday if that's not possible.
Nicola McGlennon2017-05-19 10:03:52Yes i am willing to drive
Alastair Metcalf2017-04-12 13:40:34I can only make it ofr Stage 6 as need to be back in London. Pace should be c. 6.10 minute mile.
Milan Misak2017-04-12 21:36:59
Caroline Morgan2017-05-29 07:50:18Shortish leg if possible please, am 8 - 8:20 / mile at the moment as a bit injured. Can possibly drive a mini bus if you are very desperate!
Jonathan Moscrop2017-04-12 06:56:11
Rhiannon Needham2017-04-12 15:48:16
Ellen O'Connor2017-04-11 21:20:30Would love to take part, 10mile pace approx 1:16, HM 1:41
Darren Over2017-04-11 21:33:1641 mins 10k
Lisa Pettit2017-04-12 21:33:107.15 - 8.00 min/ miling depending on gradient
Tom Poynton2017-04-18 15:05:25V40, can't drive minibus
Megan Roberts2017-04-12 22:51:45Preferably a Saturday leg.
Maureen Seguin2017-05-14 21:24:47
Ben Stanton2017-04-12 07:51:59HM pace - 1.29
Maike Von Heymann2017-04-06 12:24:30
Siobhan Wakely2017-05-11 11:50:16No!
David Wareham2017-04-16 20:48:1410 to 11 min mile
Simon Watts2017-04-14 17:33:20running slow, can't drive
Robert Whitmarsh2017-04-12 09:13:2110 mile - 62 minutes - can drive a minibus