Welsh Castles Relay

4th and 5th June 2016 - who has signed up

The following 45 people have signed up for the race.

List correct at 27 March 2017 03:45.

Nicola Anderson2016-04-17 18:38:23I can drive but don't have a D1 licence. 8min mile.
Ilona Bagi2016-05-08 14:04:30Can't drive. Stage 1 or 4 please,if possible
Marta Bagnati2016-05-16 21:15:10Can come on Sunday only
Simon Barrett2016-04-28 12:46:06I'm going to the Saturday wedding reception so can probably only run on the second half of Sunday. P.S. There are only 40 runners required this year rather than 60 so I think you could do with a slightly different message on the sign up page!
Rich Bartlett2016-05-12 00:08:27Happy to run if needed. Not a problem if I don't make the team. 1:29 half shape at the moment.
Ahlem Ben Gueblia2016-04-28 14:19:41
Michele Bottone2016-04-28 16:59:04Will probably have run Edinburgh Marathon, keen to defend last year's stage win in a long one (9-12mi)
Jonathan Bradford2016-04-14 19:36:44Hopefully will be in approx. 75 hm shape. Happy to drive but only 24 so might not be allowed. Would prefer to go up on Sat morning.
Alison Bryant-Smith2016-04-28 16:30:37Just a normal (if Australian) driving license, sorry! 1:30 HM pace. Cheers!
Simon Buckley2016-04-24 20:38:24Can drive a minibus, last half marathon 1h21m but not quite as fit at present.
Peter Clarke2016-05-05 12:48:04Can't drive minibus. I can confirm availability on Saturday 4th. I understand there may be a lift back that afternoon which would help, or at very least an early (say 7am) lift back on Sunday morning. I have a family appointment in London on Sunday 5th. C
Anne Eden2016-05-12 10:43:46Joining for the Saturday only, as need to be back in London Sunday morning, happy to travel Friday. HM PB 89, not much top speed at the moment so happy to do a longer leg, if there's one going.
David P Evans2016-04-17 11:10:34Cannot drive minibus, happy to help out elsewhere
Vicky Fouhy2016-05-05 23:54:05
Paul Fromme2016-05-03 11:31:11Very slow, short stage, reserve for Sunday only
James Gillanders2016-04-13 15:37:28I can't drive (as in I don't have a driving license).
Daisy Gladstone2016-04-14 09:50:41Not a regular driver but do have a licence so if you get desperate...
Ana Gomez2016-04-29 00:14:04
Andy Greenleaf2016-04-15 20:27:13Request to do one of stage: 1,5,6,9,11,15,17
Xavier Gruot2016-05-17 12:48:36
Martin Hodgkiss2016-05-01 01:33:13Can run 5:55/mile up to 12/13 miles - Will be driving up on the Friday, returning to London Sat evening and can offer lifts both ways. Can also ferry people to certain stages of the race too on Sat.
Peter Holmes2016-04-13 21:31:25Can drive, don't have D1. HM 76, 75 and 77 mins in past 6 months
Gen Huss2016-04-13 20:11:23most recent HM 94 mins, most recent 10k 41.36 and I can't drive (no licence)
Claudia Juhre2016-04-14 09:28:43
Tarandeep Kaur2016-05-03 17:33:091:42 half marathon, 46min 10k, 3:47 full mara, would love to run part of it. And no I can't drive a minibus
Nicola Kerr2016-05-16 12:44:14
Ilona Kriauzaite2016-05-12 20:36:234:45/km, No D category
Nicola McGlennon2016-04-13 16:41:07
Alastair Metcalf2016-04-13 22:28:57Unable to drive. Only able to be with you on Saturday and need to be back in London by 830 on Saturday. Like last year, could do the stage by the coast- HM PB is 79: 10 mile PB 59 (stage 4or 5 for 10 miles).
Simon Morris2016-04-29 17:22:10
Jonathan Moscrop2016-04-13 15:04:25
John Nugus2016-04-28 16:38:57
Jarek Olszowka2016-05-06 10:37:57
Sarah Pemberton2016-04-18 19:32:28
Lisa Pettit2016-04-13 21:14:18No, but happy to help in any other capacity
Bartosz Porzuczek2016-04-13 21:30:00can't drive.
Tom Poynton2016-04-28 09:21:51HM time of 88:50, can't drive minibus
Andrew Reeves2016-04-21 22:24:41Can navigate
Andy Robbins2016-05-16 08:12:27I can drive all the v40s and above...
Lauren Roe2016-05-02 20:34:25
Natasha Sheel2016-04-28 15:39:34Sunday bus up please
Tamsin Simmonds2016-04-30 13:20:21
Ben Stanton2016-03-28 20:41:48Half mara PB=88mins; 10mile PB=66mins. Not a driver
Camilla West2016-04-13 16:30:40Half marathon PB: 89 min.
Liz Wynn2016-04-30 17:50:28Uber reserve for short, flat stage - i.e. S19 @8 min/miling. Will be driving.