Spring Relays

Southern and National Road Relays

National 12 and 6 stage teams 2015

Each year there are road relays organised each spring and autumn (between the track and field and cross country seasons), both regionally and nationally, to allow clubs to compete against each other directly. These are:

  • the SEAA 12 stage (men) and 6 stage (women) every March
  • the ERRA national 12 stage (men) and 6 stage (women) in Sutton Coldfield every April
  • the SEAA 6 stage (men), 4 stage (veteran men) and 4 stage (women and veteran women) every September.
  • the ERRA national 6 stage (men) and 4 stage (women) in Sutton Coldfield every October

These races attract the best runners regionally and nationally and are a very high standard. They are the key races on the calendar where clubs measure themselves against their peers and the traditional athletics clubs take them very seriously indeed. Serpentine sends teams to the regional relays and, assuming they qualify, to the national events as well. These races are one of the best opportunities our better runners have to compete against the best since there are usually international athletes racing for some teams. They also provide wonderful 'sharpeners' for spring and autumn marathons.

Men's captain: Philip Whitehouse 
Women's captain: Laura Carmichael


Detailed results are available on the following websites:

SEAA spring relays (to 2015) - www.mkac.org.uk
SEAA autumn relays (to 2015) - www.afd.org.uk
SEAA relays (2016 on) - www.seaa.org.uk
ERRA relays - www.race-results.co.uk

A full history of all results for Serpies in the relay events is available in this spreadsheet.