President and Committee Contact Details

Before contacting us via the details on this page, please read the how to contact us page. That way, you can get the quickest response to your question.

In any situation we prefer that you contact us by email - click on the name of the person for their address. If you need to contact us by phone please bear in mind that we all have full time day jobs that take precedence over club responsibilities so we may not always be able to take your call.

How does the committee work?

Name Responsibilities Contact Details
Hilary Walker President 9 Rutland Mews South
London, SW7 2NZ
H: 020 7589 5342
W: 020 7210 5884
Lan O'Connor Honorary Chair M: 078 4334 4695
Rhiannon Needham Honorary Treasurer M: 079 5157 2081
Susan Barty Honorary Secretary 38 Bellamy Street
London, SW12 8BU
M: 077 6881 6527
Tom Poynton Endurance Running (road, trail and fell) M: 077 8750 0406
Alex Elferink Triathlon M: 078 5327 5340
Vacant Athletics (track & field and cross country) M:
Samantha Day Race Organisation M: 074 3251 1385
Peter Clarke Junior Section M: 077 7614 3419
Maureen Seguin Club Kit M: See Serpiebase
Mark Smith Strategic Partnerships M: 077 6497 5533
Sarah Maisey Social M: 077 6381 5125
Sid Wills Club Runs & Mentoring M: 075 6813 2687
Kim Boursnell Communications M: 079 7386 5905
Jamie Giles Participation M: 077 9988 4491