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Committee – Endurance running


Acts as the “voice” of the endurance coaching staff to the rest of the committee. Responsible for ensuring that quality training sessions are being held as planned, and needs or issues are highlighted to the committee. To manage the club's participation in all the major, externally organised running competitions (i.e. organised by other clubs or organisations).

Specific activities / jobs

  • Act as single point of contact for endurance running coaches.
  • Be the coaching representative / liaison into the committee.
  • Represent coaches’ needs to the committee with the intent to enable all coaches to offer the best possible training sessions.
  • Keep information on training and fitness sessions, our coaches, and other relevant info up to date on the website.
  • Keep up to date with UKA and England Athletics coaching standards.
  • Ensure the club has adequate coaches on staff, and succession plan by assisting new and existing coaches e.g. coaching pathway, jog leader courses, first aid training, etc.
  • Organise the Marathon and other running related seminars.
  • Last Half of the London Marathon training run.
  • Organise and manage team captains and/or managers Southern and National Road Relays, Southern Fell Races, Assembly League, Summer League, GBR, WCR and other road and trail events where the club sends teams

General duties and responsibilities

Note that is not the job of the Endurance Running Committee member to organise every aspect of participation in all of these events, but more to facilitate participation by encouraging individuals or groups, in the form of sub-committees, to take on the management of each event or league.

The committee member ensures that the club's participation in external events follows all risk, health and safety guidelines stipulated by the organisers of each event and that members participating or assisting observe Serpentine's health and safety policies.

A key aspect is liaising between all Serpentine endurance coaches and the committee, always with a view to deliver the best possible opportunities to SRC members. Equally it is paramount to ensure all relevant parties are kept informed of new developments.

  • Work with coaches to ensure sessions are held regularly, in suitable locations, and meet members’ needs. Highlight any issues to the committee. Try to develop common goals and key races
  • Ensure all training activities are conducted in a safe and professional environment, with the health and safety guidelines set out by the club and other governing bodies observed at all times.

Committee links

  • Race Organisation Rep to coordinate club championship races
  • Athletics Rep to coordinate where duties overlap around middle-distance (800m/1500m)
  • Triathlon Rep for running aspects of triathlon training and sessions
  • Club Runs & Mentoring Rep to ensure Wednesday Nights and Saturday Mornings are meeting the training needs of members


  • Running coaches
  • Last Half of the London Marathon organiser(s)
  • Results & Events database and statistics team
  • Welsh Castles Relay sub-committee
  • Green Belt Relay sub-committee
  • Round Norfolk Relay sub-committee
  • Other team/event managers as required

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