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Committee – Club Runs & Mentoring


The role of the Club Runs & Mentoring representative on the Committee is to promote the philosophy that the club welcomes runners of all abilities by helping integrate new runners into the club and creating and supporting initiatives which foster a friendly club environment of ‘run with friends'.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Wednesday Night Club Runs
  • Saturday Morning Club Runs
  • Wednesday Night Wine & Cheese
  • Saturday Morning Brunch
  • Co-ordinating Beginners courses
  • Link between Welfare and Committee

General duties and responsibilities

Overseeing Wednesday Night and Saturday Morning Club Runs which host the majority of new members into the club. Wednesday Night newcomers' Briefing and Saturday morning beginners' courses. This involves:

  • making sure there are volunteers for the different Club Run roles (checking membership cards, watching bags, briefing runners, etc)
  • Health and Safety issues
  • dealing with seasonal weather conditions' exceptional changes to routes and cancellation of runs
  • checking routes
  • monitoring Summer to Winter route changes

Responsible for welcoming new members, Last Wednesday of the Month and co-ordinating beginners' courses. Also responsible for contact with outside agencies who come into the Seymour Centre (eg physiotherapists, running shoe suppliers).

Committee links

  • Running Rep for club runs
  • Club Kit Rep for kit room
  • Honorary Secretary for general membership issues as required
  • Communications for communications about regular sessions and changes


  • Wednesday Night Organiser(s)
  • Saturday Morning Organiser(s)