Southern Championships

  • This season, the nationals will be on Parliament Hill, and the southerns in Brighton, so our cross country weekend away will be in Brighton this season. Entries close 12th December

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Cross Country Championships

The start of the 2008 men's national championships

Serpentine enters all of the leading Cross Country Championship competitions. These include:

  • London Championships
  • Middlesex County Championships
  • Middlesex Veterans Championships
  • Surrey County Championships
  • Surrey County Veterans Championships
  • Southern Counties Championships
  • South of England Veterans Championships
  • English National Championships


You need to have Serpentine as your first claim club to be able to run for us in these events. Championship events also have various other qualification criteria (such as residence or nationality) but generally speaking, we will be able to arrange for you to take part in these races if you want to. Advance entries are necessary for all championships. Entries are co-ordinated on your behalf by the club. We need to submit entries to the race organisers about eight weeks before the race date. Therefore, you will need to contact the team manager, Lisa Pettit, at an early date to tell them if you want to run in these events. 

English National Championships

These are the high point of the season and the pinnacle of domestic cross country racing. Every three years they are held on Parliament Hill and in the other two they are in either the northern or midlands region. We usually make an overnight trip of race day in those years so that we can celebrate in a local pub. In the years they are in London we have a trip to the southerns instead.

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