Edinburgh Marathon: 12 June 2005

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1 1 Michael Connolly 3:04:16 V50 Serpentine 76.0% 7:02
2 2 Rory Brown 3:09:02 SM Serpentine 67.1% 7:12
3 3 Robert Crangle 3:24:30 V40 Serpentine 64.4% 7:48
4 4 Andrew Fry 3:24:42 SM Serpentine 62.0% 7:48
5 5 Louisa Paparo 3:28:13 SL Serpentine 66.7% 7:56
6 6 Fiona Piper 3:32:14 SL Unattached 65.4% 8:06
7 7 Jim Smith 3:33:17 V50 Serpentine 65.1% 8:08
8 8 Ellie Clarke 3:43:16 SL Serpentine 62.2% 8:31
9 9 Eric Mills 3:43:48 V35 Serpentine 56.7% 8:32
10 10 Dean Wheeler 3:44:41 SM Serpentine 56.4% 8:34
11 11 Chris Notton 3:47:07 SM Serpentine 55.8% 8:40
12 12 Lizzie Bott 3:51:59 SL Serpentine 59.9% 8:51
13 13 Isla Campbell 3:52:37 SL Serpentine 59.7% 8:52
14 14 Rebekah MacLeary 3:57:48 FV40 Serpentine 60.4% 9:04
15 15 Brigitte Mooljee 3:57:57 SL Serpentine 58.4% 9:04
16 16 Carol James 4:01:23 FV35 Serpentine 58.1% 9:12
17 17 Irshad Patel 4:04:37 MU20 Serpentine 52.4% 9:20
18 18 Rosh Karunaratne 4:08:27 SM Unattached 51.0% 9:28
19 19 Victoria Johnson 4:16:35 SL Serpentine 54.1% 9:47
20 20 Maher Ahmed 5:10:42 SM Serpentine 40.8% 11:51


A few Serpies - who I am sorry I can only name a few..... Isla , Sarah Nasson, Eric, Gordon and a few more familiar faces...ran in the Edinburgh marathon on Sunday 12th June.

The weather was brass monkeys to start with, even the obligitory 'value bin bags' weren't keeping the rain and cold out, then as the race progressed it became really quite hot, esp trudging up the hill from 21-24, a bit thrown off track with no 23m marker, esp as the heat was quite intense! There were hills pretty much throughout, but none too overbearing. The crowds were relatively tame en-route, although a few locals sprayed the runners with hoses in some of the gardens when it was just too hot! The support at the finish though was great. I would def recommend it.
report by Louisa Ruderman

The Bad:- The entry fee was expensive, the Expo laughable and the toilets and baggage at the beginning of the race a riot. The kit bags were half the size they should have been especially considering the chances of inclement
weather and people who had travelled a long way to run in this event.

Also basic things like having a baggage tent drop off that can only accommodate 4 or 5 people at a time & placing the portaloos(all 10 of them) along the start line showed a bizarre lack of forethought.

The organisation at the finish could have been better - queueing for medals, no photo's, waiting in line for kit bags whilst we got very very wet, people fighting over foil blankets which were just dumped on the ground rather then being handed to us, & my heart went out to the poor girl removing the chip tags - I bet her legs were feeling worse then mine the next day.

Delay in availability of results is inexcusable. I'm sure that this was entirely related to the fact that the Edinburgh Evening News is one of the main sponsors and they had a results supplement with the Tuesday edition.

The Good:- I liked the course. It wasn't flat, but wouldn't that be a bit dull? At the same time it wasn't mountainous either so respectable times were certainly possible. Unlike some other people I liked the 'contra-flows' (you got to see some runners head on!), and the long bit by the sea. I think the atmosphere was good and there was some nice encouragement from the locals towards the end. Water in squirty bottles and Lucozade was welcome & the potential of a pb is huge, with the four Serpie runners who I know that run in this race all managed a pb.

Given that the Edinburgh Marathon is only 3 three years old The organisers quite rightly want to make this a world-class race, as befits any capital city. With that in mind I am sure this event will get bigger & better as they gain more experience.


Race Report : Dean Wheeler

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