Southern Womens League Senior Division 2: 27 June 2009

Bannister Stadium, Headstone Lane

Men and women:  Together
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100m hurdles Pam Rutherford 28.30 FV35 Serpentine 44.3% 2.00
100m hurdles Catkin Shelley 35.60 FV45 Serpentine 33.0% 3.00
400m hurdles Catkin Shelley 1:22.80 FV45 Serpentine 73.3% 3.00
400m hurdles Stephanie Vaatz 1:57.30 SL Serpentine 44.6% 3.00
100m Catkin Shelley 15.00 FV45 Serpentine 77.5% 1.00
100m Lisa Pettit 17.30 FV40 Serpentine 64.2% 1.00
200m Catkin Shelley 30.90 FV45 Serpentine 77.8% 2.00
200m Pam Rutherford 31.50 FV35 Serpentine 68.2% 2.00
400m Jennifer Marzullo 1:10.20 SL Serpentine 69.1% 1.00
400m Monica Kiraly 1:11.10 SL Serpentine 68.2% 3.00
800m Pam Rutherford 2:32.50 FV35 Serpentine 74.3% 2.00
800m Monica Kiraly 2:34.50 SL Serpentine 73.3% 4.00
1500m Marielle Vestlund 5:16.40 FV35 Serpentine 76.3% 1.00
1500m Pam Rutherford 5:43.50 FV35 Serpentine 69.3% 0.00
1500m Lisa Pettit 5:49.00 FV40 Serpentine 71.1% 0.00
1500m Jennifer Marzullo 5:54.50 SL Serpentine 66.2% 2.00
3000m Jenny Lundgren 10:33.50 SL Serpentine 79.2% 4.00
3000m Christine Lutsch 11:14.40 SL Serpentine 74.4% 4.00
4x100m *Female  - Relay 1:03.30 1.00
- 4x100m(1) Catkin Shelley 0.00 FV45 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(2) Marielle Vestlund 0.00 FV35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(3) Lisa Pettit 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(4) Pam Rutherford 0.00 FV35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Female  - Relay 4:40.80 3.00
- 4x400m(1) Jenny Lundgren 1:10.50 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Monica Kiraly 1:09.90 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Christine Lutsch 1:09.80 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Jennifer Marzullo 1:10.80 SL Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 600g Mary Davies 12.91m SL Serpentine 17.7% 1.00
Javelin 600g Monica Kiraly 9.76m SL Serpentine 13.4% 1.00
Discus 1kg Mary Davies 16.13m SL Serpentine 21.3% 1.00
Discus 1kg Stephanie Vaatz 10.33m SL Serpentine 13.6% 2.00
Shot 4kg Mary Davies 6.38m SL Serpentine 29.2% 1.00
Shot 4kg Stephanie Vaatz 4.74m SL Serpentine 21.7% 1.00
Hammer 4kg Mary Davies 20.01m SL Serpentine 28.9% 1.00
Hammer 4kg Stephanie Vaatz 10.82m SL Serpentine 15.6% 1.00
Long jump Christine Lutsch 4.11m SL Serpentine 54.7% 2.00
Long jump Marielle Vestlund 2.54m FV35 Serpentine 36.3% 1.00
Triple jump Christine Lutsch 8.75m SL Serpentine 56.5% 2.00
Triple jump Catkin Shelley 7.00m FV45 Serpentine 54.6% 2.00
High jump Christine Lutsch 1.20m SL Serpentine 57.4% 3.00
High jump Pam Rutherford 1.20m FV35 Serpentine 60.3% 3.00


No results.


Match Result ;

1) Ashford 105pts
2) West Norfolk/Ryston 82pts
3) Met Police 72pts
4) Serpentine 64pts

Match Report

I would like to take this opportunity to
provide everyone with an update on the meeting as the team captain for the match.
The match started with the carrying of the pole vault on London Overground, now that
was an experience with Jen Mazullo nd Marielle Vestlund taking the lead on this.
When we arrived at the match the sun was blazing and we went in search of a shady
area. The team then started to form with Mary Davies and Stephanie Vaatz as the
chief throwers with Mary throwing a hammer, shot, discus and javelin PB's all in one
match! Not a bad day in the field office for Mary.

The running events started with an extraordinary effort in the 400m hurdles, which
were contended by Catherine Shelley and Stephanie Vaatz with a second place in the A
race and a first place in the B race. This was quite a significant achievement as
Catherine had not competed in this event since high school and Stephanie was a total
novice. The next few events were also good to watch with Catherine taking on the 17
year olds in the 100m and Lisa dealing with the an interesting false start in the
100m. The 800m was a tough run with Pam and myself pushing to the end. The 100m
hurdles were of great inspiration with Pam's long legs and Catherine's pure
determination to not let the hurdles beat her. Pam and Catherine were novices to
this event, but this was not obvious. The 200m was also well run by Catherine and
Pam going for it. The 400m was a solid run by Jen Mazullo and myself, where I
managed to get a PB happening :). The 3000m was run with pure finesse
by Jenny Lungdren lapping almost every competitor a couple times and Christine
Lutsch doing the same to secure an A and B win for the event. The 1500m was very
well contended by Marielle Vestlund, Pam Rutherford, Lisa Petit and Jen Mazullo
against some serious wipper snippers.

The jumps were impressive with Pam and Christine taking on the high jump and
Christine also taking the challenge of the long and triple jumps and reaching the
final stage in the triple jump. The long jump was also contended by Marielle and the
triple jump by Catherine who flew the Serpentine flag for the club.

Last, but not least were the relays, the events that also show serious club spirit.
The 100m relay was run very strong with Catherine, Marielle, Lisa and Pam against
some seriously strong competition, but that did not stop the excellent team work and
good baton changes! The last event was the 400m relay that started very strong with
Jenny (and the carefully selected gold baton ;)) taking on the opposition to bring
the team into second place, I ran the next leg securing a relay 400m PB and
maintaining our position with Chirstine doing the same and Jen Mazullo sealing the
second place with a bow, running with everything she had left to give.

Overall, as you can read the team had a fantastic day at the Southern Women's League
and I was very proud to be the captain for the day and was very inspired by the team
spirit and team work exhibited by everyone including the official's: John C, Darren
Over, Ian Hodge and Sally Hodge. Well done to all and I look forward to the next few
track and field meetings and to some new people joining the squad!

Happy running, training and racing to all!

Monika x

Meeting helpers

Sally and Ian Hodge, Darren Over, John Cullinane, Bev Thomas

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