Southern Mens League Division 4: 18 August 2007

Sutton Arena Leisure Centre

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110m hurdles Mark Pinnick 23.07 SM Serpentine 56.0% 5.00
110m hurdles Jaran Finn 33.84 SM Serpentine 38.0% 5.00
400m hurdles Mark Pinnick 1:11.95 SM Serpentine 65.0% 5.00
400m hurdles Jaran Finn 1:15.35 SM Serpentine 63.7% 6.00
3000m steeplechase Simon Barrett 10:37.13 SM Serpentine 75.1% 7.00
3000m steeplechase Eoin O'Colgain 11:29.46 SM Serpentine 68.7% 7.00
100m Mark Pinnick 12.61 SM Serpentine 77.6% 3.00
100m Jaran Finn 14.17 SM Serpentine 69.3% 1.00
200m Timothy Wright 30.19 V45 Serpentine 73.7% 1.00
200m Justin Lock 30.92 SM Serpentine 63.7% 3.00
400m Jaran Finn 1:01.79 SM Serpentine 71.5% 5.00
400m Mark Pinnick 1:06.19 SM Serpentine 65.2% 1.00
800m Eoin O'Colgain 2:21.95 SM Serpentine 71.2% 3.00
800m Jaran Finn 2:32.87 SM Serpentine 66.1% 4.00
800m Simon Barrett 4:38.25 SM Serpentine 36.3% 6.00
800m Eoin O'Colgain 4:42.95 SM Serpentine 35.7% 6.00
5000m Simon Barrett 16:39.01 SM Serpentine 76.4% 6.00
5000m Justin Lock 18:39.10 SM Serpentine 68.4% 6.00
4x100m *Male  - Relay 55.86 3.00
- 4x100m(1) Justin Lock 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(2) Jaran Finn 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(3) Timothy Wright 0.00 V45 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(4) Mark Pinnick 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Male  - Relay 4:22.54 3.00
- 4x400m(1) Jaran Finn 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Eoin O'Colgain 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Justin Lock 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Simon Barrett 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 800g Justin Lock 27.34m SM Serpentine 28.5% 2.00
Javelin 800g Tony McGahan 24.62m V55 Serpentine n/a 5.00
Discus 2kg Mark Pinnick 19.90m SM Serpentine 26.9% 2.00
Discus 2kg Tony McGahan 16.18m V55 Serpentine n/a 4.00
Shot 7.26kg Mark Pinnick 8.65m SM Serpentine 37.4% 3.00
Shot 7.26kg Tony McGahan 6.20m V55 Serpentine n/a 1.00
Hammer 7.26kg Tony McGahan 17.13m V55 Serpentine n/a 3.00
Hammer 7.26kg Justin Lock 14.31m SM Serpentine 16.5% 4.00
Long jump Mark Pinnick 5.03m SM Serpentine 56.2% 3.00
Long jump Timothy Wright 4.78m V45 Serpentine 66.2% 4.00
Triple jump Mark Pinnick 10.24m SM Serpentine 56.0% 2.00
Triple jump Timothy Wright 9.49m V45 Serpentine 62.2% 5.00
High jump Mark Pinnick 1.40m SM Serpentine 57.1% 3.00
High jump Jaran Finn 1.00m SM Serpentine 42.7% 3.50
Pole vault Tony McGahan 2.20m V55 Serpentine 48.8% 6.00
Pole vault Justin Lock 1.20m SM Serpentine 20.0% 5.00


Justin Lock's Match Report.

The Men's T&F season finished up on Saturday, with the Div 4 team having
a match rescheduled from earlier in the year. Missing many of the
regulars from this season, we still managed an excellent 3rd place,
behind league champions East Grinstead and hosts Sutton / Belgrave. This
was enough to place us 5th of 14 on the league table at the season's
end, an outstanding effort for a C grade team, competing against A and B
teams from dedicated Track & Field clubs.
Relative newcomer Mark Pinnick was the star, completing 10 events, with
Jaran Finn not too far behind, as we managed to fill all 36 events.
Highlight was Simon Barrett winning the steeplechase ahead of Belgrave's
British league competitor, despite giving him 40 metres headstart over
the first few laps, but Baz never gives in! Simon & Eoin O'Colgain made
sure we scored strongly in all the long distance events, beaten only by
Belgrave athletes (including professional triathlete Richard Stannard).
Jaran coming through the carnage in the 110mH was also pretty
impressive, so much so that I completely failed to notice the
non-scoring athlete running 14 secs!

Jumper Tim Wright finally made it out this season and scored well, Tony
McGahan kept up his record of competing in every single Serpentine SML
fixture since the club began (incredible!), and even more incredible,
between Tony & I we beat 5 people in the Hammer throw - must be a record
for us I can tell you!!!!

It was a great team effort, everyone ran / jumped / threw their hearts
out. Thanks also to Charles Lescott who came along and officiated and

Just a quick note on the previous fixture where we also came third. Eric
Phillips completed 11 events, which included winning the A string in
everything on the track from 800m (which was a highlight with Alessandro
Brandimarti also winning the B string) upwards.

The team had an excellent season that proves how much can be achieved
when people come out and have a go. We were never the most talented
team, but were often the best one!

Hope to see you all on the track next year, or at cross country very


Division Four (South) Match Result

1) East Grinstead 180 pts
2) Sutton/Belgrave 156.5 pts
3) Serpentine 141.5 pts
4) Holland Sports 131 pts
5) Redhill and Surrey Beagles 126.5 pts
6) Bracknell AC 100.5 pts
7) Kingston and Polytechnic 78 pts

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