Rosenheim League Final: 15 August 2007


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Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
2000m steeplechase Pam Rutherford 9:06.50 SL Serpentine 70.8% 0.00
800m Jennifer Marzullo 2:41.10 SL Serpentine 70.3% 0.00
1500m Rachel Whittaker 5:34.50 SL Serpentine 69.5% 0.00
1500m Pam Rutherford 5:55.10 SL Serpentine 66.3% 0.00
3000m Rachel Whittaker 12:16.40 SL Serpentine 68.1% 0.00
3000m Jennifer Marzullo 12:35.10 SL Serpentine 66.5% 0.00


Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
2000m steeplechase Ebrima Noble 7:13.00 V40 Serpentine 78.0% 5.00
100m Darren Over 15.00 SM Serpentine 65.5% 1.00
200m Jun Wong 25.20 SM Serpentine 76.7% 1.00
400m Jun Wong 56.30 SM Serpentine 76.7% 2.00
800m Martin Gaunt 2:02.80 SM Serpentine 82.3% 7.00
800m Paul Rowbotham 2:18.30 V40 Serpentine 77.6% 0.00
1500m Hugh Torry 4:31.60 SM Serpentine 75.8% 4.00
1500m Eric Phillips 4:33.90 SM Serpentine 75.2% 0.00
1500m Ebrima Noble 4:41.70 V40 Serpentine 77.9% 0.00
3000m Simon Barrett 9:20.00 SM Serpentine 79.2% 6.00
3000m Eric Phillips 9:59.20 SM Serpentine 73.5% 0.00
3000m David McGregor 10:00.40 V50 Serpentine 84.5% 0.00
4x200m *Male  - Relay 1:49.60 3.00
- 4x200m(1) Mark Pinnick 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(2) Ebrima Noble 0.00 V40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(3) Eric Phillips 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(4) Jun Wong 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
Discus 2kg Mark Pinnick 21.93m SM Serpentine 29.6% 2.00
Hammer 7.26kg Mark Pinnick 16.89m SM Serpentine 19.5% 2.00
Long jump Eric Phillips 4.56m SM Serpentine 50.9% 2.00
Pole vault Darren Over 1.10m SM Serpentine 18.5% 2.00


A quick note to say thank you to everyone who came up to compete in
the Rosenheim league both last wednesday and throughout the season.
The ones that did it last wednesday (in the interdivision final) were
particularly brave, given the appalling weather. The girls kept on
showing that they're keen to have a league of their own, as Pam,
Rachel and Jen ran under the rain in a match in which they weren't

Unfortunately we didn't manage to get our strongest team out, whereas
most of the other teams really pulled out the big guns. So we came
7th out of 8. Still, we had some PBs, and definitely a lot of spirit.
Great stuff as always, guys! The race of the day was the 800m, with
Martin pulling an amazing 2'02.8 on a wet track and no spikes. Full
results attached.

Once again, thanks to everyone who competed, helped out, etc., and to
Rachel for organising the women's team and spurring them on. It was a
fun season.



Rosenheim League Final Result

1) Kingston & Polytechnic 74 pts

2) Herne Hill Harriers 69 pts

3) Hercules Wimbledon 65 pts

4) Epsom & Ewell 63 pts

5) Croydon Harriers 62 pts

6) St Mary's Richmond 43 pts

7) Serpentine RC 37 pts

8) British Airways 6pts

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