Southern Cross Country Championships

Overnight Trip - 27th January 2018 - who has signed up


  • Saturday morning: depart London by train (£15 when travelling with either Serpie group).
  • There will be one group from Victoria and one from London Bridge.
  • If you want to travel via anywhere else, or at a different time from the two groups, you need to book your own ticket2.
  • Saturday late morning: arrive in Brighton for the races.
  • After the races, late afternoon: transfer to our hotel.
  • Saturday evening: fun in Brighton (it's up to you what you want to arrange for eating and drinking etc.).
  • Sunday morning: return to London.
  • No refunds unless the trip gets fully booked and a waiting list is in operation.

The following people have signed up for the trip.

List correct at 19 September 2018 10:19.

Simon BarrettHotel and Train
Ahlem Ben GuebliaHotel and Train
Jennifer BradleyHotel and Train
David ChalfenTrain only
Clare DarleyHotel and Train
Samantha DayTrain only
David P EvansHotel and Train
James GillandersHotel and Train
Max Harrison-TosattoHotel and Train
Matthew HearneHotel and Train
Matthew HoldenHotel and Train
Sophia HolderTrain only
Glenn HughesHotel and Train
Nicola KayeHotel and Train
William LakeHotel only
Milan MisakHotel and Train
Jonathan MoscropHotel and Train
Darren OverHotel and Train
Sarah PembertonHotel and Train
Tom PoyntonHotel and Train
Andrew ReevesHotel and Train
Natasha SheelHotel and Train
Lee-Marvin TolentinoTrain only
Hugh TorryHotel and Train
James TurnerHotel and Train
Stephanie VaatzTrain only
Sarah VineHotel and Train
Philip WhitehouseHotel and Train
Robert WhitmarshHotel and Train
Nathan WilkinsHotel and Train
Carole WisdomHotel and Train
Richard WisdomHotel and Train
Frank WomelsdorfTrain only
Christopher WrightHotel and Train