Frank Speaking

Articles by Frank Horwill (1927- 2012)

With Frank's kind permission, his articles from the Serpentine newsletter and from the national running press are reproduced here. These articles are copyright © Frank Horwill and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

Caution! These articles were first published many years ago and whilst some are as relevant today as they were when new, many are now mostly of historical interest as modern research and coaching methods have superseded them.

  1. Getting it right: weight relative to height in distance running
  2. If you want to win more races, lose some weight
  3. The enigma of phosphorus
  4. Vitamin B6 and red-blooded athletes
  5. Three weeks – three days three minutes
  6. Infections linked to training and competition
  7. Twelve things you should know about Selenium
  8. Training for 5000m
  9. Shaping up to the 10km challenge
  10. Use your feet, Frank
  11. Leaving no stone unturned: training for the marathon
  12. Why do repetition running?
  13. Why did Coe's 800m record last so long?
  14. Getting the pace right
  15. Running a four minute mile
  16. Getting it right: the triple jump
  17. Training advice to clear barriers
  18. They must be on something, surely?
  19. Double or quits
  20. Running and menstruation
  21. Post viral syndrome
  22. Mysterious mono
  23. Maximising your potential
  24. To improve performance, start with your mind
  25. Beating the blues
  26. Running: fitness training for all sports
  27. Run like a gazelle
  28. Boosting your VO2 max
  29. If you want to win, train at a higher percentage of VO2 max
  30. Improving your VO2
  31. Running over forty
  32. Act your age
  33. There are clubs and clubs
  34. Some observations
  35. Twenty questions
  36. BMC Quiz
  37. Notable quotes
  38. Winter training suggestions October-March
  39. 12 Steps to Beating the Kenyans and Ethopians
  40. Blueprint for cross-country success
  41. A ritual questioned
  42. A little knowledge
  43. Analysis of and training for top class cross country performance
  44. The Final 800 Metres Push 6 Weeks
  45. Run up techniques
  46. How can I detect a vitamin or mineral deficiency?
  47. Progression the key to increasing fitness
  48. The tapering and rest revolution
  49. Priority No.1 for middle and long distance runners: V02 max
  50. Does Vitamin C supplementation improve physical performance?
  51. Thoughts on strength training for middle distance runners
  52. Solving the 800m puzzle
  53. Getting the best out of yourself in sport
  54. Twelve essentials for marathon success
  55. Want to get fit quickly?
  56. Planning your track season
  57. The track season looms
  58. Predictive sessions
  59. Know what pulse rate is doing what?
  60. Coffee: are there grounds for its reputation in competition
  61. Maximise your cross country potential
  62. The anatomy of speed
  63. Nutrition and speed
  64. Your food: what it contains
  65. Twelve things you should know about your mitochondria
  66. Sports performance and the menstrual cycle
  67. Five pace theory
  68. The pill and performance in sport
  69. Stepping stones to summer fitness
  70. Marathon training (letter to Running Fitness)
  71. Lose weight run minutes faster
  72. Twelve things you should know about marathon training