Frank Horwill



  • These articles were first published many year's ago and whilst some are as relevant today as they were when new, many are now mostly of historical interest as modern research and coaching methods have superseded them.


By Frank Horwill


1. Name two runners who, in winning their Olympic 1,500 metres final, also broke the world record.

2. Who was the first man to break 13 mins for 5,000m?

3. Who was the first Englishman to break 3 mins for three-quarters of a mile?

4. Name the man who ran his first ever marathon in the Olympics and not only won, but broke the Olympic record?

5. Who was the first British woman to break 2 mins for 800in metres?

6. What extraordinary cross-country feat did Dave Bedford achieve in one afternoon?

Exercise Physiology

7. What is the difference between VO2 max testing and lactate threshold testing?

8. What middle distance event produces more lactic acid in the blood than any other?

9. What is the latest method of calculating your maximum pulse in theory?

10. What is one of the benefits of training in the morning?

11. What speed of running is running at 100% of your VO2 max?

12. What pulse rate is required to run at 80% of your VO2 max?

Sports Nutrition

13. What is the body’s main fuel used in running?

14. Name the anti-stress and anti-infection vitamin and mineral.

15. How can you calculate your daily carbohydrate needs for running?

16. What foods help manufacture new red blood cells?

17. Why is excessive consumption of cola drinks particularly bad for runners?

18. When is it particularly advisable to consume carbohydrates?

Sports Medicine

19. What is Morton’s Foot?

20. How long should ice be applied to a fresh muscle injury?

21. What is the substance recommended for those who get stress fractures of the foot?

22. What are "contrast baths"?

23. What percentage of hamstring strength to quadricep strength is required to reduce hamstring injury?

24. Name a simple anti-inflammatory medicine?