2019 Track & Field awards and club champions

On Wednesday 9th of October the club celebrated the 2019 T&F season with a social event and awards presentation.

We had a great night at The Union pub with about 40 Serpies taking part to celebrate our T&F successes and have one or two toasts to the winners of our club champs and awards.

Many thanks to all those who have been part of the season in one form or another. In particular, thanks to all our helpers, volunteers and officials for their invaluable contribution to make things happen: we would not be able to compete without your work and we are very grateful for all the time you spend on this.

Our teams saw some successes: both Rosenheim teams qualified to the finals and finished third, while our SAL team had a consistent season finishing sixth in division 3N. There was great participation overall and many members are already working towards the 2019 season!

2019 Captains' Awards

The 2019 T&F Captains' Awards were presented during the evening to the most deserving athletes for their results and contribution to our teams. Congratulations to them for their achievements.

  • Robin Kindersley Trophy (senior men's team) - Tony McGahan
  • Ladies' T & F Trophy (Senior women's team) - Sophie Anne Flanagan
  • Derek Paterson Trophy (veteran men's team) - David Matthew
  • Jan Farmer Trophy (veteran women's team) - Rhiannon Needham
  • Tony McGahan Trophy (Captains' award) - Sally & Ian Hodge

Full information on previous winners is available on our website.

2019 Club Championships

It was also time to present the T&F club champs. Congratulations to all our winners for some amazing performances.

  • Club Championshop 100m - Sodiq Abiola (men's trophy), Shiloh Wright-Taipow (women's trophy) and Shiloh Wright-Taipow (age-graded trophy)
  • Club Championship 400m - Bartosz Porzuczek (men's trophy), Laura Carmichael (women's trophy) and David Matthew (age-graded trophy)
  • Club Championship 800m - Bartosz Porzuczek (men's trophy), Laura Carmichael (women's trophy) and David Matthew (age-graded trophy)
  • Club Championship Pole Vault - Peter Gibbons (men's trophy) and Tony McGahan (age-graded trophy) (no woman competed in pole vault over the season, so the women's trophy is vacant)
  • Club Championship Shot - Frank Womelsdorf (men's trophy), Amey Cull (women's trophy) and Mary Davies (age-graded trophy)
  • Club Championship 110/100m Hurdles - David Robinson (men 'strophy), Rhiannon Needham (women's trophy) and Stuart Leigh (age-graded trophy)
  • Virtual Icosathlon - David Robinson (men) and Rhiannon Needham (momen), Stuart Leigh (masters men) and Camilla Allwood (masters women). Queens and Kings of different events are also available.

Nic, Laura, Rhi, Andrew, Catkin, David, Sophie

Submitted: 10 October 2019