Serpentine RSS Feeds

RSS is a format used to share news and similar information between websites. Using an RSS aggregator (either another website or a piece of software) you can have a single page with the headlines and summaries from all your favourite news sources. That way you don't have to keep checking for updates - you get notified by your RSS aggregator when a site's news has changed.

The BBC has a simple guide to RSS. Fagan finder has a more technical guide. To find out more just Search on google for "RSS" or, to find aggregators, Google "RSS aggregator".

You can select feed which contains the latest news, race and track & field results, web-page updates or everything via the following links:

You will need to set up your RSS aggregator to use these links, often just by copying and pasting the URL. Just viewing the link on its own will only show you the headlines and summaries not the full stories.