WANTED: Mental Health Ambassadors/Champions

Hello Serpies - Your club needs You! (please) 

We would like some friendly serpies to volunteer to join the wellbeing team as Mental Health Ambassadors/Champions to be on the Wednesday night club runs on the Last Wednesdays of the Month.

Studies have shown that exercise, being in nature (that's parks, for us urban dwellers) and being around people all contribute to good mental health and wellbeing, and who wouldn't say yes to that? England Athletics did say yes to that, and began an initiative of having mental health ambassadors and champions in running clubs to promote good mental health, raise awareness of this subject and to get people talking about it - to encourage this, they like running clubs to hold some runs that are designated #run and talk runs - it's the one where you run and talk and, if done properly, someone is also listening.  

Serpies are trying to make every Last Wednesday of the Month club run (both 2 parks and 3 parks) a #run and talk designated run. 

To help us with this, it would be great if we could have a few more volunteers who will be able to make it to the LWOM club runs to periodically volunteer to be on the run as the Mental Health Ambassador/Champion. The point of a #run and talk run is that people feel comfortable coming along and talking if they want to, knowing there are runners around especially to run and listen, so wannabe Mental Health Ambassadors/Champions must be able and willing to run and listen. 

Please get in touch with the wellbeing team if you'd like to join us or have any questions. 

For further info, take a look at the club website, contact us at wellbeing@serpentine.org.uk and read what England Athletics have to say about the initiative here.

The Wellbeing Team

Submitted: 18 February 2019