Meet the Club Member: Vanessa

"So many things seem like a challenge until you’ve done them – that soon fades and you’re off to the next adventure!" Read on for more words of wisdom from Vanessa who - like so many Serpies - was introduced to the club by another member.

Picture from Meet the Club Member: Vanessa

You are...

Vanessa Armond, member since October 2017 

What brought you to the club

Phil Bradburn brought me along. He decided I wasn’t running fast enough, and Wednesday night would be a good night to get that issue resolved. It was fun, torturous, and it may even have worked (thank you Phil)!

When you aren't running, you are...

Reading about running, talking about running, cross training to make me a better runner!

The most challenging thing you have ever done

So many things seem like a challenge until you’ve done them – that soon fades and you’re off to the next adventure! So I guess it’s easier to say what feels challenging now – Centurion Running's Chiltern Wonderland 50 in September, Beyond Marathon’s Escape from Meriden in November as a pair. My head is making ‘eek’ noises thinking about the recovery, and how much I will weigh from resting over Christmas…

Your favourite book

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Best avoided on flights en-route to customer meetings if you don’t like the Alice Cooper effect (and I’m not one for crying).

If you could be an animal, you would want to be...

An edible clam called the ocean quahog. According to Google, they have a life span of 405–410 years. I love my life and I want to be eternal!

What you like best about the club

There is no pressure to attend (I am mostly not in London!). There is always someone lovely to talk to and I feel like I can drop in whenever I like. I don’t even have to run!

Most unusual race you have ever done

I think I’m a bit boring. I’ve not travelled much to race, but I did once do the Bridgnorth 10k because they have such a random goody bag – rhubarb seeds and tomato ketchup sachets!

Your top training tip

Don’t be driven by your ego. Run hard sessions hard, easy sessions easy. Marathon pace is for race day. If you enter races to make long runs more fun, run them at your long-run pace. Wearing a tutu is mandatory for long-run paced marathons (don’t blame me, blame White Star Running). Don’t take yourself too seriously or you’ll be way too worked up – it can still be fun, right?

Your next big goal

My first 50 mile race in September, the Chiltern Wonderland 50. I am beyond excited, not just because it’s my first but because lots of my lovely friends are doing it. I can’t wait!

Something you have never told anyone else or that would surprise others

I’d like to start Muay Thai again. I liked how fit I was, but truth be known I totally hated hitting people so I was never very good! I think that’s why that aspiration is still on the back burner…

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Submitted: 22 June 2018