Serpie Planner - event reports

Bewl 15M (16 Jul 2000)

I encourage the distance/cross-country/trail running contingent of the Serpies to look for this race next year. I entered the race planning to use it as a pacing run in preparation for an autumn marathon. Although not the perfect event for a steady pace run, it was thoroughly enjoyable and a good workout. Enjoyable as running 15 miles can be, anyway.
Most of the course, a short 15 miles, was over trails circling Bewl Water. It was very scenic with a variety of waterfowl, wildflowers and typical Southeast oasts to distract you. The trails ranged from well groomed (similar to Richmond Park) to those more like the Ruslip X-C venue (sans the knee-deep water). There were a couple of hilly miles of road section as well. Additionally, the Wadhurst Runners (host club) must have recruited every member’s aunt and cousin to marshal the course. The nature of the venue meant the distance markers were not particularly accurate, but then again given the undulations, occasional mud puddles and tree roots it didn’t matter too much.
Oh, how did I do? I managed to finish in 33rd out of about 200 runners with an average pace just over 7 minutes/mile. Not bad given that I had been looking for a race to target a 6:50 marathon pace. Next I need to find a circa 17 mile road course in early August, so if you know of one please let me know.

Phil McCubbins

Bewl 15M (05 Jul 2009)

Actually 15 miles this year. A tough but enjoyable trot around Bewl Reservoir. Mostly off-road, with a few nasty hills towards the end. A long uphill slog back to the finish (especially hard if you didn't know the race had had an extra mile added onto it) but the vast array of cakes and the local brass band meant that all was soon forgiven. A good day out in the country.

Bewl 15M (04 Jul 2010)

This year was very hot and dusty. However this did not take away from the beauty of the surroundings. Although many seem to have suffered due to this. Taking your eyes off of the trail was not a good idea and I saw three folks take a tumble with many others like me nearly going down. This was mostly due to the mottled sunlight coming through the trees camouflaging the many tree roots and ruts.

Report by Andrew Van Heiningen