Serpie Planner - event reports

Gosport Half Marathon (20 Nov 2005)

Traditionally a Sunday morning run at 11am. The course is very flat and fast, consisting primarily of two 6 mile loops from Gosport over the bridge to Portsmouth and back. Well-marshalled, you are able to run on the road rather than sidewalk except for a portion leading to an ASDA shopping center which smells like the Cromwell road for 800m each loop. Despite 900 runners, they were courteous enough to let me hit pace by 1 mile in.

Water was available every 3 miles, with sports drinks and water available at start and finish.

The course tends to be unseasonably warm, likely because it is beside the Solent. We ran in 11 degree temp vs the 7 degrees in London that time of year.

Public transport from Fareham train or bus station is dodgy. Cabs recommended from train station, approx 2 hrs from London Waterloo by train in November 2005.

Report by David Rivington.

Gosport Half Marathon (20 Nov 2011)

Andy won the race and Fernando came 6th.