Beaulieu Middle Distance Triathlon: 1 June 2008

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Overall club triathlon championship results for 2008

Scoring runners

Pos arrow Name arrow Time arrow Cat arrow Club arrow
1 1 Richard Melik 4:30:04 M40-44 Serpentine
2 2 Andre Segger 4:30:06 M35-39 Serpentine
3 3 Jean-Louis Benavides 4:34:11 M25-29 Serpentine
4 4 Jenny Gowans 4:36:55 F30-34 Serpentine
5 5 Neil Melville 4:41:25 M40-44 Serpentine
6 7 Julie Melville 4:59:38 F30-34 Serpentine
7 8 Ben Parker 5:09:47 M35-39 Serpentine
8 9 Tom Seal 5:10:42 M30-34 Serpentine
9 10 Claire Diethe 5:14:03 F30-34 Serpentine
10 11 Tim Andrews 5:20:06 M50-54 Serpentine
11 12 Rosie Ingram 5:25:24 F30-34 Serpentine
12 13 Paul Williams 5:32:12 M45-49 Serpentine
13 14 Lewis Aldridge 6:14:16 M30-34 Serpentine
14 15 Lars Menken 6:33:05 M30-34 Serpentine
15 16 Nadya Labib 7:42:17 F40-44 Serpentine

Non scoring runners

Pos arrow Name arrow Time arrow Cat arrow Club arrow
1 6 Josephine Perry 4:55:29 F30-34 Thames Turbo


What an interesting Middle Distance club champs we had at Beaulieu in the New Forest yesterday. You may remember me boasting about a 1500 swim PB in my last race report – well that was shattered yesterday albeit with the help of a tidal surge which lifted and carried the buoys 600m up stream. Did that affect the result? You’d need to ask Richard Melik and Andre Segger which is the better swimmer over the full 1800m because by the finish line they were separated by 2 seconds: Richard taking the championship honours and coincidentally both were 8th in respective age groups.

Winner of the women’s race and 3rd Serpie was Jenny Gowans; winning not quite enough prize money to replace the cracked Zipp 808 that was ridden for the last 10km on a flat tub. How much closer to Richard and Andre might she have been? Julie Payne was second woman in the championship but also third in her age group. Jo Perry was first in the same age group but racing in Thames Turbo colours so not counting for the club championship.

The back end of the field was equally impressive: The crowds were waiting to give deserved applause to 3 people with a Serpentine connection; Nadya Labib and then closing the race two of the three people that just 12 weeks ago Ash Sethi challenged to do Beaulieu as their first triathlon.

This is the first year this race has been run and it is already a race with the nice atmosphere of Milton Keynes and Swanage, in a beautiful setting and close to London (if you have a car). The swim in a beautiful tidal estuary is unusual and at times I felt like David Attenborough scooping my hands through swarms of (non-stinging) jelly fish. The sometimes poor road surface makes the bike tougher than its 400m of climb suggests. The run is tough but scenic and varied and interesting.

Neil Melville

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