Worthing 20M: 28 March 2004

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1 1 Steve Brett 2:12:55 V35 Serpentine 71.0% 6:39
2 2 Lucy Brooks 2:25:02 FV35 Serpentine 71.4% 7:15
3 3 Reinhard Kreth 2:31:17 SM Serpentine 62.3% 7:34
4 4 Sue Lambert 2:42:45 FV60 Serpentine 81.5% 8:08
5 5 Simon Maughan 2:48:24 SM Serpentine 56.0% 8:25
6 6 Neil Hall 2:57:37 V50 Serpentine 60.3% 8:53
7 7 Terry Smith 3:17:09 V40 Serpentine 48.8% 9:51
8 8 Louise Harrison 3:17:13 FV35 Serpentine 52.8% 9:52
9 9 Angela McGuinness 3:17:14 FV35 Serpentine 52.5% 9:52
10 10 Dena Beverley 3:25:47 SL Serpentine 50.3% 10:17

Race photos

Race photos are at http://www.worthingharriers.co.uk/w202004.htm

Race conditions

Overcast but dry; temp about 5


This is a fast, flat course consisting of four laps through the
suburbs of Goring and the western part of Worthing. Not exactly
the most beautiful or interesting scenery.

Only a short part of the route is closed to traffic, but this is
not a problem, since traffic is mostly light and the roads are
wide, and any problem junctions were well controlled by police
or marshalls.

This is a really bad race for people who don't like getting up
early - it starts at 9am on the day when the clocks go forward
for summer time.

Mile markers are present only for miles 1 to 5, then at 10 and
15 miles. It is still possible to use the 1 to 5 mile markers
to check your pace on the subsequent laps, but the 3-mile marker
seemed to have fallen off its post. Apart from that, a
very well organised race.

Race report by Neil Hall.

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