Southern Counties Vets AC League: 1 September 2013

Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford

Men and women:  Together
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100m Tolli Hickes 15.26 FV40 Serpentine 74.5% 7.00
100m Anna Diamantopoulos 15.31 FV40 Serpentine 74.3% 4.00
100m Hel James 17.89 FV60 Serpentine 75.7% 2.00
100m Tricia Edwards 19.91 FV60 Serpentine 69.3% 4.00
200m Anna Diamantopoulos 31.74 FV40 Serpentine 73.9% 4.00
200m Tolli Hickes 31.78 FV40 Serpentine 73.8% 8.00
200m Hel James 37.63 FV60 Serpentine 75.2% 2.00
400m Tolli Hickes 1:12.01 FV40 Serpentine 75.2% 6.00
400m Catherine Coley 1:13.18 FV40 Serpentine 74.8% 4.00
400m Teresa Griffith 1:29.10 FV50 Serpentine 66.5% 3.00
400m Eddie Brocklesby 2:07.85 FV70 Serpentine 56.3% 3.00
800m Catherine Coley 2:42.06 FV40 Serpentine 74.5% 6.00
800m Jane Nodder 2:57.46 FV55 Serpentine 76.4% 6.00
800m Lisa Pettit 3:02.58 FV45 Serpentine 66.7% 4.00
1500m Amy Cope-Balchin 5:52.57 FV35 Serpentine 67.1% 3.00
1500m Lisa Pettit 5:55.48 FV45 Serpentine 73.2% 5.00
1500m Jane Nodder 5:56.02 FV55 Serpentine 83.0% 7.00
1500m Eddie Brocklesby 7:59.71 FV70 Serpentine 77.3% 5.00
3000m Amy Cope-Balchin 11:13.14 FV35 Serpentine 75.5% 8.00
3000m Sarah Knox 11:38.61 FV40 Serpentine 77.3% 7.00
3000m Jane Nodder 12:04.40 FV55 Serpentine 86.7% 8.00
2000m walk Cheryl Sacks 14:10.49 FV40 Serpentine n/a 5.00
4x100m *Female  - Relay 1:01.91 5.00
- 4x100m(1) Tolli Hickes 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(2) Catherine Coley 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(3) Sarah Knox 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x100m(4) Amy Cope-Balchin 0.00 FV35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
4x400m *Female  - Relay 5:07.74 4.00
- 4x400m(1) Catherine Coley 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(2) Lisa Pettit 0.00 FV45 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(3) Sarah Knox 0.00 FV40 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x400m(4) Amy Cope-Balchin 0.00 FV35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 600g Tolli Hickes 25.38m FV40 Serpentine 41.0% 7.00
Javelin 500g Hilary Walker 11.20m FV55 Serpentine 26.5% 3.00
Discus 1kg Jan Farmer 15.09m FV60 Serpentine 32.7% 6.00
Discus 1kg Mary Davies 14.88m FV35 Serpentine 20.8% 4.00
Discus 1kg Hilary Walker 12.65m FV55 Serpentine 25.7% 5.00
Shot 4kg Tolli Hickes 8.47m FV40 Serpentine 47.0% 6.00
Shot 3kg Jan Farmer 6.06m FV60 Serpentine 46.9% 4.00
Shot 3kg Hilary Walker 4.16m FV55 Serpentine 30.2% 3.00
Hammer 4kg Mary Davies 25.66m FV35 Serpentine 41.0% 6.00
Hammer 3kg Jan Farmer 19.02m FV60 Serpentine 39.4% 4.00
Long jump Catherine Coley 4.01m FV40 Serpentine 61.8% 6.00
Long jump Teresa Griffith 2.86m FV50 Serpentine 49.1% 3.00
Long jump Hel James 2.83m FV60 Serpentine 55.0% 6.00
Triple jump Catherine Coley 8.60m FV40 Serpentine 66.3% 8.00
Triple jump Hel James 5.39m FV60 Serpentine 52.1% 2.00
High jump Catherine Coley 1.30m FV40 Serpentine 71.8% 6.00
High jump Hel James 1.05m FV60 Serpentine 71.9% 6.50
High jump Teresa Griffith 1.05m FV50 Serpentine 64.0% 5.50
Pole vault Teresa Griffith 1.50m FV50 Serpentine 42.9% 5.00


No results.


Our vets track and field team had a great day out at Ashford at the League
final on Sunday. While we do usually manage to win the Mid-London section
of the League - and therefore qualify for the final - the competition we
meet there is rather more challenging and in many years our main objective
has been not to come eighth out of eight!

But this year, despite several of our regulars not being available or
falling by the wayside in the weeks since our July match, we had a lot of
talent as well as a great deal of enthusiasm in the team we took. Not only
did we have a competitor in every age-group and every event (even, a first
for our team, the pole vault) but we had some star performances. And we
were rewarded with a splendid 4th overall - probably our best position in
the20 years the SCVAC League has been in existence.

In a report like this it's hard to mention any one person without mentioning
everyone because even though some performances were obviously stellar,
others who willingly tackled events for which they had no previous
experience and with little expectation other than hoping for a point,
contributed enormously to the overall great team spirit as well as the
final score.

While the field competitors were working away quietly piling up the points
those of us in the stands were treated to some very exiting track races. As
might be expected from a club born out of distance running, it was the 3000
where our biggest points haul came, with a first for A-string Amy
Cope-Balchin, a second for B-string Sarah Knox and another win for V50 Jane
Nodder (who had earlier taken 5 secs off her 800m PB.)

Amy, Lisa Petit, Jane and Eddie Brocklesby good points for us the 1500 too.
We also all had a smile when the announcer pointed out Ironwoman Eddie in
this event. His recognition of her and of Hilary Walker - for her 9 London
to Brighton titles - went some way to counterbalancing his habitual
description of Serpentine as a social club! We all agree we are, of
course, but we know we are very much more than that!

Lisa also took on the 800 B string. On the sprints we had Anna
Diamantopoulos, who kindly stepped in to the team at the last minute (and
afforded Tolli Hickes the luxury of running B string), Hel James, running
down and age-group, and Trish Edwards. Tolli also stepped up to the 400 to
join Catherine Coley who further demonstrated her great versatility by doing
the 800 as well as her first high jump since school (assisted by some quick
Tolli coaching), the long jump, and the triple jump - which she even won.

In addition Hel James dependably covered all the jumps as usual and Teri
Griffith also took on the long jump and high jump as well as scoring in the
pole vault and running her first ever 400.
Mary Davies, Tolli, and Hilary ably covered the throws between them and
Hilary and Cheryl Sacks braved the walk - something of an ordeal at the
final, with several judges around the track dishing out warnings and
And at the end of this very full day there were, of course, the relays for
some very tired legs. We managed a 4th on the 4x1 and successfully got the
baton round on the 4x4 to round out a really great day.

The final scores were:

Epsom and Ewell 262

Dartford Harriers 252

Blackheath and Bromley 227.5

Serpentine 216

Radley 189.5

Barnet & District 177

Eastbourne Rovers/Hailsham Harriers 150

Special thanks to Bev Thomas for holding everything together on the day and
to Ros Young for being our travelling reserve.

Very well done team - including those who contributed to getting us to the
final without being able to be there themselves.


A small supplementary to my earlier report. One of our eagle-eyed team
noticed that I failed to mention that indeed 8 teams had qualified for the
final again this year (I had only listed 6 results). The Eastbourne
Rovers/Hailsham Harriers team was 7th and that the City of Portsmouth were
unable to field a team.

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