Rosenheim League (Eastern div): 25 July 2007

Tooting Bec

Men and women:  Together
  Meetings in this series:  


Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
400m Jennifer Marzullo 1:10.80 SL Serpentine 67.2% 6.00
1500m Pam Rutherford 5:38.40 SL Serpentine 69.6% 5.00
3000m Rachel Whittaker 12:07.80 SL Serpentine 68.9% 0.00
3000m Jennifer Marzullo 12:30.00 SL Serpentine 67.0% 0.00
Shot 4kg Rachel Whittaker 5.28m SL Serpentine 23.3% 0.00
Long jump Pam Rutherford 3.69m SL Serpentine 50.5% 6.00


Event arrow Name arrow Result arrow Cat arrow Club arrow Graded arrow Points arrow
2000m steeplechase Ebrima Noble 7:27.40 V40 Serpentine 75.5% 5.00
100m Theodore Chen 15.50 SM Serpentine 63.2% 2.00
200m Alessandro Brandimarti 27.60 SM Serpentine 71.4% 3.00
400m Alessandro Brandimarti 1:02.30 SM Serpentine 70.3% 2.00
800m Hugh Torry 2:08.00 SM Serpentine 79.0% 5.00
800m Theodore Chen 2:39.00 SM Serpentine 63.6% 0.00
1500m Hugh Torry 4:32.20 SM Serpentine 75.7% 6.00
3000m Hugh Torry 9:45.90 SM Serpentine 75.1% 2.00
3000m Miguel Branco 10:27.10 SM Serpentine 70.2% 0.00
3000m Abdifatah Dhuhulow 10:53.70 SM Serpentine 67.3% 0.00
4x200m *Male  - Relay 1:53.30 5.00
- 4x200m(1) Alessandro Brandimarti 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(2) John Cullinane 0.00 V35 Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(3) Darren Over 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
- 4x200m(4) Hugh Torry 0.00 SM Serpentine n/a 0.00
Javelin 800g Hugh Torry 26.97m SM Serpentine 27.4% 3.00
Javelin 800g Alessandro Brandimarti 24.00m SM Serpentine 25.0% 0.00
Javelin 800g Darren Over 19.80m SM Serpentine 20.8% 0.00
Javelin 800g John Cullinane 16.44m V35 Serpentine 18.0% 0.00
Shot 7.26kg Alessandro Brandimarti 8.18m SM Serpentine 35.4% 4.00
Shot 7.26kg Darren Over 7.27m SM Serpentine 31.4% 0.00
Shot 5kg Ashok Jamdagni 6.09m V60 Serpentine 36.5% 0.00
Long jump Ashok Jamdagni 3.13m V60 Serpentine 52.8% 1.00
High jump John Cullinane 1.35m V35 Serpentine 59.2% 3.00


Mens Match Report

This wednesday saw the last of the Rosenheim league fixtures before the interdivision final.
The men successfully maintained their 2nd place in the league by getting a 3rd place in the fixture, despite the few serpie athletes.I was lucky that the ones that did show up were very willing, and so they covered all the events.

The women won once again, clinching first place overall in the
league. Well done!! The team struggeled for athletes the whole
season, with the exception of one fixture, which was a great one.
Nevertheless, they always came out on top and, above all, enjoyed themselves thoroughly. If the rumours of forming a Southern Women's league team become true, I'm sure they'll be going to every fixture.

So now there's one last all-important meeting: the interdivision
final. This counts as a final only for the men, but women can still
compete.It will take place on the 15th of August, at Kingsmeadow. Put it in your diaries!! Women's events will start at 6.30, and men's at 6.45(this will be the steeplechase). Would be really good to have a last good turnout to this, and try to come as high as possible. Non-scorers for track events are also welcome, but unfortunately they will only allow scorers in field events.

Mens Match 6 Result

1) Herne Hill Harriers 63 pts
2) Croydon Harriers 46 pts
3) Serpentine R.C. 41 pts
4) Hercules Wimbledon 30pts
5) Striders of Croydon 27 pts
6)South London Harriers 22 pts

Final Mens League Standings

1) Herne Hill Harriers 36pts (351)
2) Serpentine R.C. 28pts (296.5)
3) Croydon Harriers 24pts (266.5)
4) Hercules Wimbledon 18pts (202pts)
5) Striders of Croydon 12pts (166)
6) South London Harriers 8pts (138)

Womens Match 6 Result

1) Serpentine 17pts
2) Herne Hill Harriers 12pts
3) Croydon Harriers 4pts

Final Womens League Standings

1) Serpentine R.C 35pts (113)
2) Herne Hill Harriers 27pts (75)
3) Croydon Harriers 25.5pts (77)
4) Striders of Croydon 13.5pts (40)
5) Hercules Wimbledon 3pts (6)

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