Track & Field Competition with Serpentine

Serpentine has been competing in track and field athletics for over 25 years, with men's and (whenever possible) women's teams in the single-sex Southern Area Leagues until 2010, and in the Southern Athletics League subsequently. Our veteran's teams (especially the women's team) have performed well, reaching almost every final since the league's inception. We also boast several record holders in the veteran age groups.

How you can participate in track and field

Relays There is scope for all members, women and men, boys and girls, to participate in track and field and we're particularly keen to see more members take an interest in sprinting or the throwing and jumping events. For more information just talk to one of the contacts listed on each league's page, or email

Serpentine participates in:

As a competitor

Compete in any of the above leagues by contacting the relevant team captain listed on the league's page on this website. In fact for the Rosenheim league you will be able to compete if you just turn up on the day. There's nothing to pay. For open meetings and championships (e.g. schools, county, veteran) you'll need to make your own entry.

Members competing in regional and national championships can reclaim their entry costs from the club if they have paid individually (providing they compete), and travel expenses to these championships if held outside Greater London are also subsidised by the club. See our travel expenses policy.

As an official

For example, as a starter, timekeeper, track or field judge especially at fixtures where Serpentine are the host team. Please have a look at information about becoming an official if you are interested.

As a team manager of assistant

For example, volunteer to be a team manager or recorder, or come along as a spectator and supporter.

As an event coach

Please have a look at information about becoming a coach if you are interested.


Results for Serpies at all track and field leagues as well as any individual results from open meetings are kept in our results database. Our results team does all the hard work to upload them. Please send them your results if you have any which are missing. The Cheshire County AA website has an excellent multi-event scoring calculator.