Wednesday Club runs now start from St Mary's School, Enford Street

From 3rd December we will meet for our Wed night club runs in St Mary's School, Enford Street.   We have space to change and store bags during the runs there and we will leave for the run at 18:50 as usual.

From this week (Wed 6th December) the Wed club runs will leave from St Mary's Bryanston School.  Watch out, this is on Enford Street (opposite the Thornbury Castle, near the Royal Oak pubs which have been popular with members over the years.

St Mary's School Bryanston SquareThere are basic changing facilities at the school (a room assigned for men and a separate one for women), toilet facilities but no showers.

We will leave the school at 18:50 as usual, and the run start in Hyde Park will be roughly the same time.  Please follow the defined route to the park, using the pedestrian crossings where possible, and being courteous if a queue of traffic builds up at the zebra crossing. 

There must be no bicycles other than folding bikes inside the school.  There are two bike stands opposite the Thornbury Castle, but those with more precious bikes may prefer to lock them outside Westminster Magistrates Court on Marylebone Road which is better lit.  If anyone has recommendations on where to lock bikes, please share on the WhatsApp group.

This Wednesday I'm looking for additional volunteers to help from 6pm until the runs start, to transfer our stuff to the school, guide any lost souls from the Seymour Centre, etc.  If you are able to help please let me know.   We are also looking for some sheets to use in the changing areas to protect school property, if you have any, please bring them along.

As it is the Christmas season the Larrick can't accommodate us. We think this is a good opportunity to try out some of the pubs near St Mary's School, starting with the Thornbury Castle on 6th Dec.

Catharine Sowerby

Membership lead and club runs (

Submitted: 3 December 2023